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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Bill Bamberger

I've just read (and listened) through the 1960s British Folk piece--very good, very thought-provoking. Though I'm not sure I agree with every assumption here (I don't know anyone---above or below 40---who buys into the idea that Woodstock truly represents 1960s music), I am glad to see these names come up again: Davey Graham, Bert Jansch, John Renbourn. Renbourn in particular was played quite a bit among the people I knew in Flint. The Incredible String Band and Pentangle albums were around, too (these albums were indeed hard to come by---maybe one or two copies available in the entire town---& played by me first by an unusual, very-sixties guy---he called his hair his "freak flag," and he quit high school and got an equivalency degree because H.S. seemed so irrelevant to him), but it was Jansch and Renbourn that fascinated me. I first heard "Angi" on a Simon & Garfunkel album and found a transcription somewhere---tho it's in regular tuning---and the last time I played (part of) it was last week. Tell Park he's right in that these people should be better known, but assure him they have not been forgotten. Good article.

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