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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Patrick Royer

I'd like to request a story on Peter Searcy of Squirrel Bait/Big Wheel/solo/? He was mentioned briefly in your story on David Grubbs, but that is all I could find on the site.

ED NOTE: Good suggestion. Any writers out there interested?

William Bamberger

Arnold Dreyblatt and Sun Ra... Brilliant issue! Like most PSF readers, much of my reaction is about personal association (I have none with Kraut rock or Beck, tho.)

What I like about Dreyblatt is that once his music starts it sounds like it isn't interested in what started it, just in running along its path, having full faith in its own autonomy. (Which, in a way, makes it the most human music I know.)

And Ra! Had John Gilmore and Michael Ray in my cab back about 1980, Ra and his flowing robes riding in the other cab.... (I once heard the very early Ra track with a bass line that Steely Dan borrowed for "Rikki Don't Lose that Number" but then never heard it again. Ra's work IS Borges' "Book of Sand"---you can never open it to the same page a second time.)

Thanks for being the epicenter yet again of such diverse waves of outbound information. I hope someday to once again have the time to submit something.

Until that time, A loyal reader I. ED NOTE: And this gent happens to be another PSF writer too.

Adam/Blackened Music

I put out that Bloc Party record! So nice to read this, I think that record deserves more credit than it received as well.

Marcel Simon

I just found your site yesterday (from the Sun Ra discography, for which THANK YOU!!) You guys are the right kind of fan, knowledgeable and opinionated, and I’d love to spend a couple of hours or weeks arguing this or that, even or especially where I don’t agree with you J

Anyway, a quick comment on Ornette Coleman. On his THE GREAT CONCERT OF ORNETTE COLEMAN, which documents a fabulous performance in London, some fool waits for a pause in the music and yells “Now play ‘Cherokee’”. Ornette INSTANTANEOUSLY switches to the theme of that tune, then gradually interpolates it back to the line he was developing before the interruption. One can hear waves of laughter as the crowd realizes what he’s done. I’ve often wondered if the heckler left the hall in shame.

Don’t expect you to post this or anything, just some quick feedback. Peace

Michael Schonbach
Subject: Gary Stewart-King Of The Honky Tonks

Dear Editor,
Just wanted to laud Jimmy McDonough's piece on Gary Stewart.
I don't care who you are. That's just great journalism.
It's hard to believe it's 10 years old.

I was an acquaintance of Gary's here in Ft Pierce. I mean I used to play music with him
when he wasn't too hopped up.
Jimmy got it right. Gary was a generous guy, but he was crafty too.
He sweet talked me out of my favorite cassette: George Jones Sings Hank Williams.
That's OK though. At least it ended up in the right hands.

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