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Dave Marsh
Steve McKay article

Please tell Alan Crandall, from someone who was there, he got it absolutely right. Thatís Steve's album (Fun House). And a master class on how to integrate "free" saxophone into rock.

Joey Stec
Subject: Jimmy Miller

I worked and stayed aroung with Jimmy Miller from 1975 untiil he passed in my arms in Denver, Co..

I just want to say that your article is the best that I have ever read of Jimmy... Spot on, the very best... as one of his very best friends I feel that I can say that he would agree...Thank you very much.

Jim George
Subject: Cleve Pozar

Can't tell you how thrilled I was to come across your 2008 article about Cleve (aka Bob) Pozar. I used to listen to the Bob James trio with Pozar (his nickname was Turk) on drums and Ron Brooks on Bass, all university students, at the Falcon bar. Actually, I played at the Falcon on alternate nights and Turk was one of the reasons I gave up drumming. Turk was five years younger and already sounding like Philly Joe Jones. I knew that even if I gave up my day time teaching job and devoted all of my time to studying drums I would never be able to play like that. I must truthfully admit that it was no great loss to the music world. I don't know where it came from this morning, but I thought of Turk and wondered what had happened to him. Not expecting much, I googled Bob Pozar, and, Eureka!, there was your article.

Of course everyone connected to the music world knows where Bob James ended up. Ron Brooks owned a jazz club in Ann Arbor for many years, and is still an important figure in the SE Michigan jazz scene. The latest reference I found to Pozar on the web was in 2008, so I hope he is still doing well. Of course for him, doing well means surviving and making the music he loves. There is an article about him in Wikipedia, but it is in German. I wish someone would translate it into English.

Thank you for your insightful article.

Stacy Pulliam
SUBJECT: Just wanted to say thank you so much..

..for the Al Kooper post! I just so happened to find that and it tells the absolute truth! I have always been a huge Kooper fan! I think that man was simply born to make life happen ! Make life better..make something wonderful in this old world some how With anyTHING and any band any TIME any decade. I cannot say enough about the man and the truth you spoke about the later BS&T needed to be said man! The first album is one of the best things that ever happened to music. Period. And it can be listened to in its entirety without changing over to other songs. Just straight on thru. Its so great to know my life-long adoration for this genius is not just something held onto between me & the friends I had growing up. I love your post! I love you all. PEACE and...Kooper always takes me bak and reminds me of my dear brother Dessie. Who truly understood Koopers work as I do. Just know that those of us who do know- will be forever grateful and forever in love with that man's catalog.

Stay well and love one another

Melanie Cave

I just want to send you a note to say thank you for your Hudson music scene experience that you posted in 2014.

I experienced something so similar. It was definitely a time I call "back in the day" and wow, those were some chaotic yet enlightening times that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Bob Choquette

Hi I am writing in response to the Article on Exuma the Obeah Man

Unfortunately the Asswipe that took credit for that Article Does not Know His Ass from his Elbow... he Posted Lyrics as...

"I came down on a lightning bolt
Nine months in my Mama's belly.
When I was born, the midwife scream and shout,
I had fire crystals coming out of my mouth.
I'm Exuma, I'm the Obeah Man!"

the Lyrics of that first verse are as Follows...

"I came down on a lightning bolt
Nine months in my Mama's belly.
When I was born, the midwife scream and shout,
I had fire AND BRIMSTONE coming out of my mouth.
I'm Exuma, I'm the Obeah Man!"

Idiots like Him Should at least do some research before Acting like they Fucking Know Something...

ED NOTE: One or two words wrong and all that anger? You need Ritalin. If that's the wrong word, just try any other Methylphenidate to get the help that you need.

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