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Subject: Will Shade/Thieving Magpies Led Zep/Yardbirds plagiarism

Old news,sure,but I still tell younger fans about this to their dazed and confused dissapointment.Another victim may have been Lucifer's Friend,who played shows with LZ in 1970.Their 1st album opener "Ride the Sky" has a French horn riff I suspect Percy applied to "Immigrant Song"; both albums recorded the same year,and Lucifer's Friend the decidedly more original (and rockin') album.

I remember when I first started collecting original blues records being surprised by how many Led Zeppelin songs those guys did...

Owen Gilmore
Subject: (Johnny) Paycheck Article

Thank you so much!

There is so much to be learned about this wonderful artist. I was just a kid when shove it came out, but that stuck with me. Not till much later did I realize the richness of Paycheck's music.

Stefano Galli (via Facebook)

I am a reader of your magazine since (well quite a number of years). Your feature about Telephone perhaps is a bit biased: Stinky Toys played London 100 Club Punk Rock Festival in September 1976; both Metal Urbain and Asphalt Jungle formed in 1976. Not to mention artists like Alain Kan (in addition to the "usual" but not so much, Serge Gainsbourg). You may like this website (which includes also an excellent bibliography): . A loyal reader from Italy.


Re: Chuck Berry Article "classificatory fallacy" is one of the phrases that have always resonated with me about rock & roll.
And applied to Chuck Berry --

I'm not an egghead, I'm a rock & roll simpleton.

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