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Paul O'Sullivan

I found this (duplicate albums) article fascinating. I'd never even imagined that people could make & sell counterfeit vinyl albums.

I'm intrigued when you say : "I feel the same way about (what turns out to be) my counterfeit copy of Graham Parker and the Rumours' legendary, promotional-only Live at Marble Arch (1976). I bought that lovely, excellent-sounding fake for a few euros at a Berlin street fair about forty years after the initial release. It's the only copy I've ever seen, and I hereby thank whoever made it."

I have an original copy of this; I won it on a comptetion on the Charlie Gillett Radio London show. Charlie was the guy who broke pre-punk "pub" bands like Graham Parker, Elvis Costello & Dire Straits by playing demos on his show.

It's in a plain white sleeve which looks a bit like the one here though the album title & the "produced by Nicke Lowe" are in different places. So (it was) probably hand stamped with 2 different stamps. The labels on the record where blank but the sleeve included 2 photocopied pages of printed labels!!

hope this helps

PS - haven't listened to it in years!

Jeffrey Slott
Subject: JACK BRUCE: A Tribute by Gary Gomes

You didn't mention in your article, Brian Wilson, who Paul McCartney has admitted being substantially influenced by, especially when it comes to going beyond simply plucking the tonic notes of a song's chord progression.

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