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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Chuck Reti

A friend recently passed along the link to your article on Sound Forever about Detroit Tubeworks.

I was the director of most of the music segments on the show, from its earliest shoots at the Wayne State University TV Studios in midtown Detroit, later at the old WXON-TV ch 62 studios in suburban Walled Lake, MI. and with the Tubeworks Production Co. mobile video truck.

Much of the information you presented was indeed correct but a lot was not, or incomplete. Understandable as it appears you worked from recollection and info gathered from YouTube and other sources, and not from the principals involved in making the show. Many of these folks are still around; some have retired or not in radio, tv or music biz anymore, and a few have passed on.

I was not aware of the existence of a DVD collection, nor did I ever hear of any run of the shows on any cable network.

The “rights” to this material has always been a questionable issue. When the production company dissolved, there was no clear disposition as to who owned what. Nowadays pretty much nothing would see the light of day. I and a few others had custody of some of the 2” studio master tapes, because nobody else wanted them at the time. A huge amount of the stuff on YouTube was likely recorded off-air on old 1/2” or Umatic machines, as many of the original, very expensive recording tapes were re-used after shows aired. Even I don’t have copies of any sort of much of the stuff I directed, that has popped up online.

Some of the artists, like Cat Stevens, Zappa and others appeared via materials provided to us by their record companies, by the bands’ reps, or by bootleggers. I would have killed to have done a video shoot with Frank Z! The Beefheart session was about the closest we got to that, I guess. Beefheart and Ry Cooder were playing on the same concert bill in Detroit , and came to the studio well after midnight for the video shoot (this was the case for many of the acts we taped, by the way). The Johnny Winter/Randy Hobbs clip was also an in-studio taping, not “backstage.” We did try to make our look as non-stagey and non-TV studio-ish as we could. Having pretty much zero budget also contributed to the bare bones look.

Kent Kotal - Forgotten Hits
Enjoyed Your Chicago / '60's Essay!

Got the link to your website from Bob Merlis ... Good Stuff!

Growing up here in Chicago (albeit a few years later ... my earliest radio memories date back to 1964 with 1967 being my all-time favorite year in music), I can absolutely relate to ALL of your locales and experiences here. (Although my parents NEVER would have let me go to a rock and roll show!!! In fact, they made me pass up a free ticket to see The Beatles at Comiskey Park ... and I've NEVER forgiven them for it!!!)

I think you might enjoy Forgotten Hits ... we share these kinds of memories on a daily basis ... reading about you buying your first record is right up our alley (check out our multiple "First 45's" listings!!!) and we share radio memories all the time. (I, too, have a near complete collection of WJJD, WLS, WCFL and Top Tunes of Greater Chicagoland charts ... but NOBODY seems to have a copy of WJJD Survey #2 ... I've been looking for it for 35 years!!! I've got #1 and #3 ... and every one thereafter until WJJD switched to country and the "Top Tunes" charts took over, running until early '66.) I know you mentioned that your collection begins in 1957 ... but just in case there's some OFF chance that you might have it, I'm here to publicly beg for a xerox copy!!! lol)

Anyway, please stop by and visit the site when you get a chance. By coincidence, this week we're exploring whether or not there was anything that qualified as "The Chicago Sound" back in the day ... general consensus thus far is "no"!!!

But with your background I think you'll enjoy and appreciate our efforts (and, hopefully, even contribute a memory or two from time to time!)

Happy to run a link to your site this weekend ... and hope you'll spend a few moments exploring mine.

Aaron Bale
Subject: Kurt Hernon - Johnny Paycheck

Just want to drop a quick note of praise for the Hernon piece. Criminally overlooked, JP deserves a biography. Short that, Hernon's piece is balanced between biography and fan fiction with a healthy does of American history. A very pleasant read. Thank you.

Johannes Walker
Saw your write-up on Chainsaw Kittens (Tyson Meade's fabulous new record)

I saw this excellent write-up to one of my favorite bands ( I thought I'd pass along that Tyson Meade's kickstarter record that the article mentions came out in May, and it is simply fantastic. It's called "Tomorrow in Progress" and features a ton of people, like Jimmy Chamberlin. SPIN, OUT, AV Club, and Brooklyn Vegan all premiered songs and videos from the record, and Pure Volume streamed the entire record. As a kittens fan, I thought you'd love to have the information.

Saraj Rodriguez

Hey ^.^ I am an avid user of your blog and I had a few ideas.

1. Can we please have more pop music?
I have a liking toward popular music & artists like Katy Perry don't get enough recognition.

2.Can we have more unsigned/ viral music?
I was on twitter & saw Jalen McMillan & his new album went viral. I also saw Nash Grier and he went viral, however I do not see Nash on your site. Please, add more music like this

Other then that, I absolutely love what you guys do & keep up the amazing work :)

ED NOTE: You're right- poor Katy Perry needs more recognition. We have no idea who she is!

Vicc Fool

The first copy of the BBG came out in "77". Crucial Truth was from Fort Lauderdale. The article was long enough to have come from the Village Voice. That's not a complement.

ED NOTE: Thanks for the info. We spoke with your mom and she agreed that it would be better for you to go back to reading Junior Scholastic because that has smaller words and more pictures. When you're older, hopefully you won't be so intimidated by articles. Enjoy your milk and cookies for now.

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