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I was in high school in the 70's, and the music of the Carpenters, John
Denver, Neil Diamond, etc. has defined my life.  I love their music, and it
has helped me through many tough times in my life.  I feel sorry for anybody
who doesn't have anything better to do than sit around and bash other people's
music preferences.  Get a life!!!  Devote your time to something positive and
make a GOOD difference in the world.

the "Worst songs" homepage SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!! Leif garrett rocks that was a
great song it rocked take that off no band deserves that type of critisism.
You can get sued for that and i'd LOVE to see that happen! YOu suck fuck you
take that off right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, you guys are obviously adherents of the Beavis and Butthead school of
musical criticism, in which a song is judged by the sole criteria of how bad
it "kicks ass."  It just seems very narrow the way you automatically dismiss
any song that has a strong melody, or that dares mention *gasp* love.  I
don't know how old you are, but musically you come across as perenially
macho 15-year-olds.  How else to explain the fact that you bemoan the lack
of depth in the music you put down, and yet show admiration for the phrase
"Up against the wall, motherfuckers"...  (which you misspelled, by the way;
a recurring fact throughout your list which doesn't help your cause).  Like
so many fans of hard rock, you're confusing anger and rancor with depth.  In
your eyes, a pissed off artist is, by definition, a good artist.  But the
state of being pissed off (pissed-offedness) is just one small facet of the
human experience.  By sneering at every other facet, you're showing an
extremely limited view of life. Now shape up.  And don't make me come back here. ;-)

Dane Beaver
fuck you,Kiss rules,you suck,thats the bottom line asshole

I'd like to go on record as saying that Gordon Lightfoot wrote one of the best songs of the 70's.  Speaking for the families of the lost crew of the EDMUND FITZGERALD (My family in particular), I feel that your comments concerning this song are completely self centered.  There are many good songs from the 70's, and in my opinion, Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" is probably the best one of all.  My family will always be grateful to Gordon for his attention to detail in writing it.  As long as they play the song, my Uncle will never be forgotten.  I wrote a poem on the 20th anniversary of the sinking.  I have had the honor of having it read and presented to the President of the United States, the United States congress, and  Canadian Parliament along with countless members of state and local Governments concerning the wreck site.

You wouldn't know a good song if it fell out of the sky and landed on
your face.

Hey guys, yes most of what you hate is horseshit, but you have to make some
distinctions here.  A lot of it was intended to be horseshit and did not
pretend to be anything other than horseshit.  There is nothing shameful or
dishonorable about selling horseshit (and lord knows there is a substantial
market for it) as long as you are not pretending you are selling something
else. You have to get over the notion that popular music is or could ever be
any kind of an "art form". It is an entertainment and that's all it is.  The
vast majority of the songs are indeed truly revolting creations.  There is
no getting around that.

One last thing. Come one, get real, disco does suck. It is supposed to suck and it is
alright that it sucks.  They play it so the people can dance to it and feel
sucky.  Modern jazz sucks too as does modern art.  The way to stretch the
form is not to undo it - not just to be contrary.  Un-art, un-music,
un-cola, what's the difference.  When you are unsomething you define
yourself only by your relationship to the thing you are "un" of.

Ron Anguiano
I'm a fan of disco so French my nads. Your choices of "good music" is
for the dirty-haired wanna-be destitutes, with long dirty toenails who
cant dance. The majority of  your oh-so-cool music is for colon sucking
hill-billies who nod their head out of rhythm to some terminal cirrhotic
alcoholic playing a steel guitar at those eeehaw concerts.
Anyone who thinks John Prine can sing I guess likes the the sound of  a
human pit viper who  gargles with clorox.

Yeah, disco was started by  Queen's of the feel good 70's movement but
this is one step above your gun fetish and heroin addicted no rhythm
trippers you seem to love. So fuck you!

"homer simpson"
Subject: your site
your site sucks! since you have a opinion about bad songs of the 70's how about
the worst site on the web? in my opinion it's yours. did you even grow up in the
70's? if so, i bet you were a stoner that would account for your warped taste in
music. lay off the 70's man!

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