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(May 1998, updated February and Augut 2018)

Other than the Mekons, THE FALL were the most important, longest-lasting group to come out the English punk explosion of the late seventies, even if Mark E. Smith insists (probably correctly) that they were never part of it. While just about every other group and 'hero' from then (Johnny Lydon say) have been pathetic carticatures of themselves, living off their reputation for whatever it's worth (or worst), the pride of Manchester have been dishing it out pretty consistently for over two decades now. There's never been and never will be a 'perfect' Fall record but that's part of what's made the group so vital- they still fuck around a lot and take chances, never staying too complacent. Even the trademarks that you hear again and again like Mark's grumbling and ranting, the ringing guitars and thudding drums all still sound hard as hell today. There's been no reason for them to ever call it a day as even their recent output still has a pretty high standard of quality to it.

So in this spirit... we here at Perfect Sound Forever pay tribute to these lovable (?) lads and lasses with:

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