Perfect Sound Forever

Fan mail/Correspondence

Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Adam Kaszas

I just wanted to let you know that Kevin Cenedella's article about Beck's Mutations was fantastic. Perfectly described how meaningful and magical the album is. Thanks for writing it!

Gavin Redher

Hello, just read your article about Enno Velthuys, and was wondering if there has been an update that you've heard on the releases from Yoga Records.

I discovered His song Swamp and it has been haunting me and relaxing me for the last 7 years. I always assumed it was a track from a 70's Italian horror film score, like Goblin or Fabio Frizzi. For some reason it took me until today to actually look up who the artist was, but now that I know I'm curious to hear more, I've found the youtube videos, but that's all.

Thanks so much for writing an interesting article.

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