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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Jamie Sarna
Subject: Just read your 2008 piece on Cleve Pozar

When he was working with the Boston Shakespeare Company in the late 1980's as resident percussionist, I used to go and listen night after night. I can't remember what the play was, Pericles , Mother Courage, The Lighthouse... all I remember is his work. Changed my life. I am a 62 year old grand mother, sailed as Master on salvage vessels for all of my later career... but I have followed Mr. Pozar, listened to the tracks, the albums, anything I could find. Funny what changes your world. Will always be deeply grateful. Thank you for the biography. What a life. You presented it fairly and honestly. Thank you.

Piero Scaruffi
Subject: congrats

Best analysis ever of my writing:
I actually agree with 99% of what you wrote.

The 1% where i would ask for a retrial is that you underestimate the importance of the producer. Where the producer was the real force, then we should credit it to the producer, not to the singer/songwriter/guitarist/whatever who was merely obeying the producer. Replay the history of popular music through the lenses of the producers and you may understand the logic behind some of my omissions/bias.

My indifference towards rock lyrics is simply due to the fact that i have read way too much (great) poetry to be impressed by some illiterate kid's lyrics (which ages really badly). Not to mention the mediocrity of most singers. Can't stand most of them and would love to be able to remove the vocals from most popular music. Let's face it: the lyrics are often there because they help the P.R. dept invent a story that can be used to publicize music that otherwise would not sell on its own merits. And that's often all there is to the great lyrics of rock music. I don't want to contribute to the aberration of encouraging young people to listen to pop/rap lyrics instead of so much great poetry that has been produced over the centuries. Ditch your Nirvana and read some Pessoa.

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