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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

David Flaherty
Subject: Miles Davis

Hi was at this concert. Great article. The last song really stuck in my mind.

Jim House

I figured someone should respond to your efforts regarding Kasenetz Katz. I have had that album for about 40 years. I used to collect lps and still have a lot of them. I remember seeing that lp in many cut out bins back in the 70's. I had my moments with bubblegum....Crazy Elephant, 1910 Fruitgum....having been about 11 or 12 when all of this was on the radio. (My favorite might've been "Shake" by the Shadows of Knight after they moved to the Kasanetz Katz world in '68. They also made an album on that label featuring "Shake 69" which wasn't as good as the original but the album was interesting).

Yes, you've covered it well, the anomaly that it is. Bizarre and may have been made for the cut-out bins! It was a curiosity and I honestly can't tell you when I played it last but it was at least 20 years ago. I will now go back to it and check it out. Probably most of these people have passed on now which is kind of sad. It was a time when this stuff could be made. I wouldn't know how to explain this mess of music to a younger person today.

Well, congrats to you for digging deep and keeping the memory of such oddities alive. Thanks.

Cynthia Leigh

SUBJECT: THANK YOU for reminding me of the ABSOLUTELY Godawful music that I was subjected to as a child. I agree with 95 percent of your playlist. However, Bad Company and Shaun Cassidy, as well as Leif Garrett were cool. Just reading all of those song titles brought me back to a time where I had zero control over anything, and had to wake up each morning to Ugly cars and Clothes and horrible music. My only solace was in knowing that things would get better in the 80's; which they did, The 90's were okay, too. But now, music has devolved once again, and when we are super old or long gone somebody will put forth a list of all of the Godawful music now. Thank God that these days, we have other options than AM radio. Thanks again for the laugh!!

Christian Mumford
Subject: Klaus Schulze tribute

My friends Trygve and Arild always were into Klaus Schulze and my colleague Pål Flakk from counter culture paper Gateavisa here knows my fascination with Ash Ta Tempel and the Timewind cd. He is a huge TD fan i last saw at Hawkwind gigs in norway in 2014 where i met Tim Blake etc in January in Drammen Union Scene.

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