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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Dear Perfect Sounds, Jacob (sic),

This is Chris from Chorchazade here.

I was chatting with Julian last night and it has prompted me to re-read your eulogy of Chorchazade and send this!

Noel is alive and well by the way. Keith has his fingers in many musical pies here in Bristol - Spoctet, Rabbits, etc. And I have Small, a great old person's covers band. We don't do any Chorchazade songs. Julian rides a bike.

I discovered some even older internet material relating to us recently - search for Sentinel Records, Penzance and look for An Alarm . . .

Andrew Wilson

Hi there, I stumbled upon this whilst looking for more info on George Clinton, so thanks!

However, there are 2 minor inaccuracies in P-Funk Thesis - Signifyin(g) in Practice - I won't provide citations for them, but if you want, you can look into it.

1. In the picture of the 'Uncle Jam' artwork, the item on George's left, which is mistakenly labelled as a 'Funk Bomb' is actually the Flashlight from the 'Funkentelechy...' record - you can see it in some of the P-Funk Mothership/Earth Tour performances. From what I understand (as Shock G's interpretation from a documentary) as these icons are on the front of a Funkadelic record, it's George's way of linking the band to Parliament publicly?

2. 'Funkentelechy' has been mis-etymologised (?) in a quote you've taken from Tony Bolden's analysis as a hybrid of 'Funk', 'Intelect' and 'Technology'.

In fact, 'Funkentelechy' is George's spin on the philosophical concept of 'Entelechy', which you can look up on Wikipedia. It's to do with the definition of 'work', as in an object's work is inherent in it's being (or something) - so Funkentelechy is self-explanatory. I only know this from the 'Funkcyclopaedia' that has since been taken down from George's website.

Sorry to niggle - I actually thought the article was really interesting and informative. Anything that gives that music even more relevance gives me faith!

Keep up the good work!

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