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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Allen Kaatz
Subject: Trenchtown Rock

"Interestingly, the longer, uncensored recording of the song (which had not been released on the original 45), available on the 1992 Songs of Freedom boxed set, contained a few more lines at the end which went: " Don't call no cop! We can thrash things ourselves. Got no stocks on no shelves, but, let me tell you, behave yourselves!"

First, I have a labelled 7" of the original Trenchtown Rock which is the longer version, (which I found in the Voice of the People soundbox at Prince Buster's shop in 1987) so it was indeed actually released on 45, although this first pressing must be rare. Bob improvises at the end just before the track stops (there is no fade on this version, the musicians just stop). What you assume to be censorship I think was simply a mastering mistake as they forgot to fade the tune and so it ends abruptly. The subsequent pressings corrected this.

Regina Noela Tokaiulunivanua
Subject: Steven Jesse Bernstein

Jesse was married to my sister, still living, Lauri Ann Chambers when he killed himself during a stay in a mental hospital.

He was also narcoleptic and fell asleep frequently during conversation.

Thank you.

rhod tibbles
Subject: Rob Forrestern-This Picture Hi.. Just picked up on this by chance.... Re Rob Forrester... some early background might be of interest... In the 1990's I was running a music group at an evangelical church in Shurdington... Rob and his brother were in their mid teens, and this is where they actually started their music careers. Rob initially had an accoustic fender, and I initially taught him to play guitar... within the church group, he developed his guitar skills very quickly.. Duncan his brother learned to play drums and I believe after This Picture finished, he has still continued session drumming... I knew Rob and Duncan's parents very well..they were members of the church and opened their house up to the church - memorable times.... Up to mid 1990's I continued running church music groups and doing small itinerant gigs.... just before retirement I got together with a works jamming group... Now during retirement - I'm in my early 70's... for some years while travelling, ive managed to get music

opportunities, on cruise ships or playing with local bands... My musical interests continue to be wide and eclectic... my guitars occasionally get an outing... at home.

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