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Fan mail/Correspondence

Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Klaus D. Mueller

This month I was interested in a few things, from Charles Lloyd and Art Petter to Eric Satie and "Same title" (I copied and mailed the Arthur Brown vs. Hendrix to Arthur).

What came into my mind when I saw the ERIC SATIE article (must still read it):

Why is is, that NO "name" piano player has ever recorded (or played) Eric Satie? I only know recordings by pianists whose name I have never heard before.

No Gulda, Gould, Schnabel, Richter, Fischer, Lipatti, Michelangeli, Arrau, Argerich, Curtot, Gilels, Brendel... seem to have ever touched the keys for any Erik Satie. ... Is he "too profane"? or just not "serious" enough? least for those players and their audience.

SomervileSpeakoutie (via Twitter)

Dreamworks Records. Last sentence in under reported obit is completely unjustified

ED NOTE: That would be this: "Although DreamWorks has not existed since 2004, its legacy and spirit are still alive and the label will always be remembered as one of the most adventurous and daring labels of the last twenty-five years. "

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