Perfect Sound Forever

A Contrary Tribute to Gram

Jon Langford
(July 2001)

ED NOTE: Jonboy served on a Gram panel at the SXSW Music Festival in 2001 (along with James Austin among others).  Here are his comments about the panel and Gram.


Can't remember anything I said (or if I said anything) on that panel as I was near terminally hungover and trying to get through the hour without hurling on the table. It was quite strange to be the only person on the panel who had nothing to do with him. It was also weird how many of my friends wanted me to do a hatchet job on him. In the end I didn't have the energy... Of course there is something a little skin-crawly & disturbing about the way he's slobbered over by alt. and sundry and just how sad & crap the bands that evoke his holy spirit actually are. He was a bratty rich-kid who wrote a few great songs and appropriated a style of music (and shiny clothing) that the hippy hordes found a little hard to cope with, sold next-to-no records and died romantically in a cheap motel with an ice-cube up his arse. Mostly I'd rather listen to Buck, Merle or George BUT "Sin City," "$1000 Wedding," "Oooooh Las Vegas" (and a whole bunch more) still my rock my sweaty crib though I'm far too ! hip to admit it... shit I just did.

 Oh I love Gram Parsons, there's just a lot of other people I love as much and more.

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