Perfect Sound Forever

Earache- the first 99 releases

MOSH 1 The Accused The Return Of Martha Splatterhead
MOSH 2 Heresyconcrete Sox split
MOSH 3 Napalm Death Scum
MOSH 4 Unseen Terror Human Error
MOSH 5 Spazztic Blurr Befo Da Awbum
MOSH 6 Carcass Reek Of Putrefaction
MOSH 7 O.L.D. Old Lady Drivers
MOSH 8 Napalm Death From Enslavement To Obliteration
MOSH 9 Intense Degree War In my head
MOSH 10 Sore Throat Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid
MOSH 11 Morbid Angel Altars Of Madness
MOSH 12 Grindcrusher compilation
MOSH 13 Bolt Thrower realm Of Chaos
MOSH 14 Napalm Death Mentally Murdered EP
MOSH 15 GODFLESH Streetcleaner
MOSH 16 TERRORIZER World Downfall
MOSH 17 Filthy Christians Mean
MOSH 18 Carcass Symphonies Of Sickness
MOSH 19 Napalm Death Harmony Corruption
MOSH 20 Godflesh Godflesh
MOSH 21 Entombed Left Hand Path
MOSH 22 Hellbastard Natural Order
MOSH 23 Nocturnus The Key
MOSH 24 Napalm Death Suffer The Children EP
MOSH 25 Lawnmower Deth Ooh Crickey It's...
MOSH 26 Sweet Tooth Soft White Underbelly EP
MOSH 27 Massacre From Beyond
MOSH 28 Naked City Torture Garden
MOSH 29 Bolt Thrower War Master
MOSH 30 Godflesh Slavestate EP
MOSH 31 Morbid Angel Blessed Are The Sick
MOSH 32 Godflesh Pure
MOSH 33 Bolt Thrower Cenotaph EP
MOSH 34 Mighty Force Dive
MOSH 35 Grindcrusher II compilation
MOSH 36 Fudge Tunnel Hate Songs In E Minor
MOSH 37 Entombed Clandestine
MOSH 38 Entombed Crawl EP
MOSH 39 Lawnmower Deth Kids In America EP
MOSH 40 Cathedral Soul Sacrifice EP
MOSH 41 O.L.D. Lo Flux Tube
MOSH 42 Carcass Necroticism - Descanting The Insalubrious
MOSH 43 Cathedral Forest Of Equilibrium
MOSH 44 Confessor Condemned
MOSH 45 Painkiller Guts Of A Virgin
MOSH 46 Napalm Death Mass Appeal Madness EP
MOSH 47 Godflesh Slateman EP
MOSH 48 Morbid Angel Abominations Of Desolation
MOSH 49 Carcass Tools Of The Trade EP
MOSH 51 Napalm Death Death By Manipulation EP
MOSH 52 Entombed Stranger Aeons EP
MOSH 53 Napalm Death Utopia Banished
MOSH 54 Scorn Vae Solis
MOSH 55 Nocturnus Thresholds
MOSH 56 Godflesh Cold World EP
MOSH 57 Fudge Tunnel Teeth EP
MOSH 58 Confessor Condemned EP
MOSH 59 Vader The Ultimate Incantation
MOSH 60 Massacre Inhuman Conditions EP
MOSH 61 Scorn Lick Forever Dog EP
MOSH 62 Painkiller Buried Secrets
MOSH 63 Gods Of Grind compilation
MOSH 64 Fudge Tunnel Creep Diets
MOSH 65 Napalm Death The World Keeps Turning EP
MOSH 66 Pitch Shifter Submit
MOSH 67 Napalm Death Live At Salisbury
MOSH 68 Not released - would have been a SORE THROAT album
MOSH 69 Brutal Truth Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
MOSH 70 Bolt Thrower The IV Crusade
MOSH 71 Cadaver In Pains
MOSH 72 Lawnmower Deth Return Of The Fabulous Metal Bozo Clowns
MOSH 73 Bolt Thrower Spearhead EP
MOSH 74 Clutch Passive Restraints EP
MOSH 75 Pitch Shifter Desensitized
MOSH 76 Naive Naive
MOSH 77 Cathedral The Ethereal Mirror
MOSH 78 Scorn Deliverance EP
MOSH 79 Sleep Sleeps Holy Mountain
MOSH 80 Brutal Truth Ill Neglect EP
MOSH 81 Morbid Angel Covenant
MOSH 82 Entombed Wolverine Blues
MOSH 83 Extreme Noise Terror Retrobution
MOSH 84 Brutal Truth Perpetual Conversion EP
MOSH 85 Godflesh Selfless
MOSH 86 OLD The Musical Dimensions Of Sleastak
MOSH 87 Six Yard Box Imagination Is Greater Than Knowledge
MOSH 88 Meathook Seed Embedded
MOSH 89 Blood From The Soul To Spite The Gland That Bleeds
MOSH 91 Scorn Colossus
MOSH 92 Napalm Death Nazi Punks Fuck Off EP
MOSH 93 Scorn White Irises Blind EP
MOSH 94 Entombed Hollowman EP
MOSH 95 Pitch Shifter The Remix War
MOSH 96 Massacre Promise
MOSH 97 Carcass Heartwork
MOSH 98 Lawnmower Deth Billy
MOSH 99 Fudge Tunnel In A Word...


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