Reviews, kind words and off-line props

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - December 4, 1998 (Rob Brunner) A Web-based monthly covering nonmainstream music past and present, from the edgy to the wacky: An eclectic, wonderfully thoughtful monthly webzine written by and for serious music fans of all stripes, Manhattan-based PSF lovingly covers deserving artists as varied as dub great King Tubby and Austin songwriter Townes Van Zant. The November issue is devoted entirely to ’60s rock radicals the MC5, featuring in-depth interviews and lots of historical info and insight. Upcoming issues boast coverage of unsung favorites like Captain Beefheart and The Flamin’ Groovies. Groovy indeed.  A

THE WIRE - JUNE 1998, Rob Young's Multi Media column: "This eclectic American site - named after the early marketing tagline for CDs propagated by Sony and Philips - is the business. Check the What's New page: interviews with John Fahey, The Fall, and Neu!'s Michael Rother; and a perceptive critical swipe at the limitations of so-called 'experimental' 90s post-rock. The PSF archive is a vast store of Q&A interviews and thinkpieces. Some examples of the latter: 'African Instruments: How They Changed America'; 'Music as a Deadly Weapon'; 'Deep in the Heart of Tuva'; 'The DJ as Shaman.' The editorial team also runs an unofficial but comprehensive Howlin' Wolf site."

Richie Unterberger's UNKNOWN LEGENDS OF ROCK'N'ROLL (Miller Freeman) Chapters on Robert Wyatt and Mick Farren (Deviants) featured in Perfect Sound as preview for the book. Also, aided and abetted the author on the Plastic People of the Universe chapter.

COFFEEHOUSE: WRITINGS FROM THE WEB, edited by Levi Ascher and Christian Crumlish (Manning). Includes a reprint of Michael McCullough's article on the Minutemen: 'the second to last night at skank's or d boon's death as childhood's end'

INTERNET UNDERGROUND (April 97) 5-star rating- "This is a fun site with a huge selection of slighty edgy features, both on individual bands and the general music industry. In one, a former writer at Rolling Stone rails on the magazine, saying he was fired in part because he wrote a bad review of a Hootie and the Blowfish album. Other features have included stories of record company censorship and a reminiscence about a meeting with John Lennon. Music lovers will find much to enjoy here."

REASONS FOR LIVING- A Highly Opinionated Guide to All Things Rock'n'Roll by Jim Derogatis (10-19-97, from his column on AMERICA ONLINE's the Hub): "There are a million sites out there on the web devoted to covering esoteric music, but I have never found one thats more readable, better designed, or as consistently intriguing as Perfect Sound Forever. The current issue includes interviews with electronics pioneer David Behrman and a focus on Miles Davis' work from the 1970's, and the archive includes interviews with the always quotable Orb, postmodern mods Supergrass, and the biographer of the late jazz genius Sun Ra, as well as tributes to sonic archivist Harry Smith, songwriter Townes Van Zandt, and German composer Karlheinz Stockhausen (this last one written by Holger Czukay of Can). There are also links to all sorts of other places of interest to musical seekers, and readers are always encouraged to contribute."