Perfect Sound Forever

The Infinite Horizons of Stomu Yamash'ta

by Gregor Meyer (Part 4 of 4)

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As composer-performer:

Percussion Recital (1971)
LP: Columbia, OS-10106-N (Japan); Columbia, N-357-247 (Japan); Denon, OW-7852-ND (Japan, 1980) [with "Uzu" added]

The World of Stomu Yamash'ta (1971)
LP: Columbia, NCC-8004-N (Japan)

Uzu: The World of Stomu Yamash'ta 2 (1971)
LP: Columbia, NCC-8015-N (Japan)

Metempsychosis (1971, collaboration with Satô Masahiko)
LP: Columbia, NCB-7009 (Japan)

Red Buddha (1971)
LP: King, SLC-358 (Japan); Barclay, 920 376 (France, 1972); Vanguard, VSD 79343 (US, 1973)
Quad LP: King, 4L-2 (Japan); Vanguard, VSQ 40035 (US, 1973)
CD: Vanguard, VMD 79343 (US, year unknown)15

Sunrise from West Sea (1972, as Yamash'ta & the Horizon)
LP: King, SLC(J) 359 (Japan)

Stomu Yamash'ta (a.k.a. Hans Werner Henze/Peter Maxwell Davies/Toru Takemitsu) (1972)
LP: Editions de L'Oiseau-Lyre, DSLO 1 (UK); London, SLA (O) 1032 (Japan)
CD: London, 430 005-2 (US, 1990); Polydor, POCL-2194 (Japan)

Floating Music (1972, as Stomu Yamash'ta & Come to the Edge)
LP: Island, HELP 12 (UK); King, SLC-423 (Japan)
CD: Raven, RVCD 282 (with Man From the East; Australia, 2008); Esoteric, 2084
(UK, 2008); Universal Music, UICY-94102 (Japan, 2009)

Images (original soundtrack) (1972)
LP: private pressing, no catalog number (US)
CD: Prometheus, PCD 163 (Belgium)

Man from the East (1973, as Stomu Yamash'ta's Red Buddha Theatre)
LP: Island, ILPS 9228 (UK); Island, SMAS 9334 (US); Island, ILS-80215 (Japan)
CD: Raven, RVCD 282 (with Floating Music; Australia, 2008); Esoteric, 2082 (UK); Universal Music, UICY-94103 (Japan, 2009)

Freedom is Frightening (1973, as Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind)
LP: Island, ILPS 9242 (UK)
CD: Esoteric, 2087 (UK, 2008); Universal Music, UICY-94104 (Japan, 2009)

One by One (1974, as Stomu Yamash'ta's East Wind)
LP: Island, ILPS 9269 (UK); Pathe Marconi, 2C 064-95688 (France); Toshiba-EMI, ILS-80630 (Japan)
CD: Esoteric, 2083 (UK, 2008); Universal Music, UICY-94105 (Japan, 2009)

Raindog (1975)
LP: Island, ILPS 9319 (UK); Toshiba-EMI, ILS-80214 (Japan)
CD: Esoteric, 2085 (UK, 2008); Universal Music, UICY-94106 (Japan, 2009)

Go (1976, as Stomu Yamash'ta/Steve Winwood/Michael Shrieve)
LP: Island, ILPS 9387 (UK); ILS-80601 (Japan)
CD: Universal, UICY-9571 (Japan, 2005); in Complete Go Sessions 2CD on Raven, RVCD 182 (Australia); Esoteric, 2081 (UK, 2008); Universal Music, UICY-94107 (Japan, 2009)

Go Live from Paris (1976, as Go)
2LP: Island, ILS-50013/14 (Japan)
CD: Universal, UICY-9572 (Japan, 2005); in Complete Go Sessions 2CD on Raven, RVCD 182 (Australia); Universal Music, UICY-94108 (Japan, 2009)

Go Too (1977, as Stomu Yamash'ta's Go Too)
LP: Arista, SPARTY 1011 (UK); Pathe Marconi, 2C 068 99228 (France); EMI Electrola, 1C 064-99 228 (Germany); Arista, AB-4138 (US); Arista, IES-80891 (Japan)
CD: Universal, UICY-9573 (Japan, 2005); in Complete Go Sessions 2CD on Raven, RVCD 182 (Australia)

"Waza"/"Mujo" (soundtrack selections from Budo: The Art of Killing)
7": King, FMS-116 (Japan)

Iroha Ten/Chi (1981)
2LP: RVC, RPL-3026/27 (Japan)

Iroha Sui (1982)
LP: RVC, RPL-8144 (Japan)

Tempest (original soundtrack) (1982)
LP: Casablanca, NBLPH 7269 (US)

Iroha Ka (1983)
LP: RVC, RPL-8187 (Japan)

Sea & Sky (1984)
LP: JVC, SJX-30221 (Japan); Kuckuck, KUCK 072 (Germany)
CD: Kuckuck, 11072-2 (Germany)

Kukai (original soundtrack) (1984)
LP: JVC, SJX-30227 (Japan)

Solar Dream Vol. 1: The Eternal Present (1993)
CD: Kosei, KMYD-5100 (Japan)

Solar Dream Vol. 2: Fantasy of Sanukit (1995)
CD: Kosei, KMYD-5101 (Japan)

Solar Dream Vol. 3: Peace and Love (1997)
CD: Kosei, KMYD-5102 (Japan)

A Desire of Beauty and Wonder Stone, Part 1 (1999)
CD: Maeda, no number (Japan)

Listen to the Future Vol. 1 (2001)
CD: Sony, SSCL-2 (Japan)
SACD: Sony, SSGL-5003 (Japan)

Bergmál (collaboration with Ragnhildur Gísladóttir and Sjón) (2006)
CD: Smekkleysa, SM138 (Iceland)

As featured performer:

Hans Werner Henze, El Cimarrón (1970)
2LP: Deutsche Grammophon, 2707 050 (Germany)
CD: Deutsche Grammophon, 449 872-2 (Germany, 1996)

Hans Werner Henze, Der langwierige Weg in die Wohnung der Natascha Ungeheuer (1972)
LP: Deutsche Grammophon, 2530 212 (Germany)
CD: Deutsche Grammophon, 449 873-2 (Germany, 1996)

Takemitsu Toru, Seasons [version for four percussionists] (1970)
LP: Deutsche Grammophon, 2530 532 (Germany); Deutsche Grammophon, MG 2476 (Japan)
CD: Polydor, POCG-3361 (Japan, 1994)

Takemitsu Toru, Cassiopeia (1971)
LP: Angel/EMI, AA-8872 (Japan); Angel/EMI, 2YEA-2348 (Japan); Toshiba/EMI, EAC 70205 (Japan); EMI, C 063-02 257 (Germany); Pathe Marconi, 2C 065-02257 (France)
Quad LP: EMI, Q4 EMD 5508 (UK)
CD: HMV, 5 73861 2 (UK, 2000)


1 Yamash'ta changed his name to the "Westernized" contraction Stomu Yamash'ta in the mid-1960s after arriving in America. For the purpose of simplicity, he will be referred to at all stages of his life in this article as Yamash'ta Stomu.

2 Robert Commanday, "Japanese Temple Bells and a French Quality." San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 5, 1968

3 Several historical references also include the Boston Symphony and the Metropolitan Opera during this time, but according to Yamash'ta, his performances at the Metropolitan Opera occurred much later, and he never played with the Boston Symphony at all.

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15 Because of the questionable legitimacy regarding some of its releases, and its use of vinyl as the mastering source, the Spalax CD release SPA 14512 (France, 1996) has been intentionally omitted from this discography.

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