Perfect Sound Forever


Father / Yahowha and Pythias, Djin, Octavius, Sunflower... Yahowha 13 band at the Source Family House in L.A.(early 1970's)
photo courtesy of Source Archives-Isis

By Gary Bearman (June 2002)

In 1988, I bought a new book called After the Acid Trip - The Ultimate Psychedelic Music Guide by Vernon Joynson. In it a music group called Ya Ho Wa 13 is described as such: "this band of Hollywood misfits reputedly made at least 9 albums for Higher Key during the '70's." They are referred to as "musically very weird… largely mellow, mystical and probably drug induced." In addition, there are pictures of two album covers - one has five men wearing only loincloths, all with bows and arrows crouching around and on top of a Rolls Royce. The other has a very intense looking older man in a white robe with a long beard singing and banging on a kettledrum.

 Once I finally got a chance to hear them, it became rapidly clear that there was something more than a little unusual going on here. Upon superficial listening, it sounded like a bunch of crazy musicians making a lot of truly wonderful and bewildering psychedelic music with this deep-voiced man talking, singing, whistling and sometimes screaming over the top of it. And the wild bizarre things he was saying… Needless to say I was intensely curious about this mysterious group of people with names like Djin, Sunflower, Octavius, Pythias, Rhythm, all with the last name Aquarian, and their enigmatic leader Father Yod (rhymes with road).

 I was only able to hear a couple of reissued albums at the time since all the originals were ludicrously rare and expensive. For a long time I tried to find out more information about this group and what they were about, only to be met by a stunning lack of information. What scant information I did find was quite odd, and still the group seemed somehow cloaked in mystery.

 Then lo and behold - the heavens opened and I was to discover in 1998 that they released a limited edition 13-cd box set on the Japanese Captain Trip label called God and Hair - Yahowha Collection! Here were more pictures of Father Yod, the band and a large group of longhaired men, women and children that all seemed to live together. One of the albums covers even has Father Yod pictured with a woman in a sexual tantric position!

 I learned that there were 9 original albums. The first four were released under the name "Father Yod and the Spirit of 76." These were Kohoutek, Contraction, Expansion and All or Nothing at All. The remaining 5 were released under the name "Ya Ho Wa 13." These were Yahowa 13, Savage Sons of Yahowa, Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony, I'm Gonna Take You Home and To the Principles for the Children. All were released between 1973 and 1975.

 A 10th album was released without Father Yod in 1977, but with a lot of the same musicians, this time including Sky Sunlight Saxon, formerly of The Seeds. This went under the name "Fire, Water, Air" and was called Golden Sunrise. There were also 3 cd's of additional material called Yodship, Related Singles, and Unreleased Material.

Unfortunately for me, the liner notes in the booklet are in Japanese. I came to the conclusion that this was somehow a very secretive sect that for some unknown reason had a band as part of it and released albums. I figured though that by now there had to be literally hundreds of people out there in the world who were part of this group or children of the group, and someone somewhere had to be willing to tell the story.

 By a miraculous twist of fate, I was led in my searching to an Internet discussion group where one of the musicians from Ya Ho Wa 13 was actually answering questions! It turns out this was Djin, the guitarist. I worked up the courage to e-mail him, became friendly and asked him some questions. He led me to Sunflower, the bass player, and before long I popped the question, "Would you be willing to be interviewed?" To my surprise they happily accepted and before long I was put in contact with the drummer Octavius, and much later Pythias, who also played bass on some of the albums. I was also introduced to Isis, one of Father Yod's "wives" (more on this later). She is the family's record keeper, did business for the family and wrote a book about the life of the family which is being re-done for the public. She was also kind enough to forward the photos to me. Most of the entries below by Isis are direct passages from the book.

 So what is this family? As I began to get information back, there started to unfold one the most incredible stories of a band I have ever heard. It wasn't just about music, however, it was a whole community/commune of people who lived together with Father Yod (later called Yahowha) as their spiritual leader. Not only is the story about one of the most unique musical groups ever, but the story of the Source Family is unparalleled in human history.

 I wondered what all the secrecy seemed to be about, but Djin and Sunflower clarified this for me.

DJIN: The Source Family of Father Yod was and is a great western mystery school. Many of the stories that go around about us are at best partial truth, and as we know FIRST HAND TRUTH is the best source.

SUNFLOWER: We have been somewhat secretive with respect to some of the teachings that we were privileged to acquire through our searches, however the Family was located in L.A. and had a restaurant on the Sunset Strip for a number of years called the Source Restaurant. We were/are a Family (commune) of about 250 people, and were quite privileged to have found our Earthly Spiritual Father who is the voice of most of the music.

 Octavius added, "First I would like to set the direction of the looking glass. When you read through my eyes, you will know a pilgrims' view. You will hear the fruit of my experience with my Earthly Spiritual Father. A saying, "Some follow the teacher, some follow the path the teacher is on." I will never stop reflecting on the experiences and the insights gleaned from those days, much of which is the basis of who I am today."

 So who exactly was this Father Yod character? Isis tells some of the history of the man originally known as Jim Baker:

Jim was a judo, archery, and martial arts expert in his teens, and a war hero in his 20s. He was in the marines and was awarded the medal of gallantry and the Silver Star. After he came to California, he adopted a bohemian lifestyle, tried to become an actor, and joined the Los Angeles group of "health nuts" called the Nature Boys. These well-muscled, healthy and handsome young men exemplified the natural lifestyle, and explored ways of eating and living according to Nature's laws. Refinement of his physical being led Jim to mental development, and he studied philosophy, world religions, and many esoteric spiritual teachings. His search for truth led him to a Sikh teacher of Kundalini yoga, Yogi Bhajan. Jim recognized him as his spiritual Father, and he became a devoted student of the Yogi's teachings. He married his fourth wife, Robin, when she was 19 and together they started what was known as The Brotherhood of the Source. Young people in the 60's and early 70's were looking for freedom, health, truth, love, and spirit. It was a time of great experimentation in lifestyles, a breakdown of the old forms of traditional behaviors that were not working anymore and caused widespread hypocrisy in American society. The youth of the nation were looking for higher truth to incorporate into a more righteous lifestyle. Many young people were attracted to the Source Restaurant, which served fresh, delicious, vegetarian food, and to the spiritual atmosphere of love, peace and wisdom that was growing there around Jim Baker, and the group of young men and women who staffed the restaurant. Jim Baker really looked the part, with his grand stature and well-formed physique, his long beard and hair, penetrating blue eyes and deep resonant voice. Father lived for the family. He adored his sons and loved having the women and children protected and safe. We were totally into spirit and really enjoyed life. It was a magical time of special dispensation, where we experienced what a heaven could be like. Spirit and matter were one, and we did not have to deal with any worldly attitudes or problems. We were given the tools to go out and replicate this heaven on earth.
Octavius added, "The earth man Jim Baker's life reads like an adventure drama movie. Let's just say he lived many lives in one life. It borders not believable, but all true. A very successful restaurateur in Hollywood, several times he was a millionaire. Then he evolved into the #1 son of Yogi Bhajan, a very well known Master of the Sikh religion. Grew out of that which was a big political spiritual trip to leave. He started the Source Restaurant and morning meditations. He was meditating by himself because that is what he did. Then people started coming. The vegetarian restaurant was the first of its kind on the West Coast, or anywhere as far as I know. He was very informed about health food and healthy living. He was curious about all the energies the kids had in the '70's. He called them fallen angels. Los Angeles (the angels). He was very charismatic, obviously. He hired people at first. After that, more kids and adults would be curious and drop by. Only the people who had the right, I don't know what, wanted to stay. Big commitment, really. The restaurant supported us. We all worked there. We were all taken care of."

 I have had the pleasure of speaking with these men on the phone. Isis says, "you could not come across a greater bunch of men than these," and I am inclined to agree. They all have their unique personalities, however all come across as sincere and intense spiritual men with a sense of humor that also happen to be musicians. They all speak so highly of this man who was and is their father and teacher. Sunflower talks about witnessing so many miracles, one of which in particular is talked about in the interview below. You'll know it when you get to it.

 Sunflower says, "He was to me the most extraordinary man to have walked the face of this planet in at least my lifetime, and contributed much to the times in which he lived. He died as a result of a hang-gliding accident in 1975, and the Family went out to do their own thing after that. We have all stayed in touch through the desire to have those days back."

 I must admit that before I started this process, I had many misconceptions about what this group was about, but as I learned more and more the illusions began to fall away. Also, before I started I loved some of the music, but some of it I just couldn't get. Once I learned the context in which the music was created, it all started to make brilliant sense. As Djin says, "Context is the focalizer. The music is a treasure for us all. Father was so sincere and caring for humanity all his life, the music was just a continuation of his attempts to help improve people." Sunflower says, "This music was created all spontaneous from start to finish. Creating this music was a complete experience."

 Djin has recently made a beautiful album called Destiny of America. He also says, "Coda Records in Florida ( is going to re-release the box set in English as individual CD's, and make the 4 remaining YHW13 recordings from the '70's era, not yet put out, available. This should happen around Christmas. Of course, because Father left the body in '75, and the family dispersed in '77, there weren't any more recordings made. However, the musicians Octavius, Sunflower, Pythias, Rhythm, myself and other various sons and daughters of Yahowha who are in the world plan on regrouping at some point in the near future to add to the tradition of YHW13 music. We are also soon going to publish a great book of teachings of YHW, to share with you our "Aquarian Path" of self-development and Magical Transformation. We are also using the funds from the music to help purchase land in Hawaii for a retreat and spiritual center where we can all gather, learn and celebrate the Aquarian Age."

 I have no doubt you will find their experiences and perspectives truly fascinating, and I certainly hope you will approach it with an open mind...


PSF: Who did Father Yod claim to be?

SUNFLOWER: It all started with the process of evolution that was predominant in the 60's beginning with the Yogi's that came from India and were teaching Yoga everywhere. They were charging money and weren't hitting the mark with respect to the generation of hippies whose awareness came from the culture here in America. Jim Baker, who was a very heavy individual to start with, started with the Yoga and when he realized there was a path that was more in tune with the times, he naturally evolved into the stage where the Father was the consciousness that was needed. Father Yod was the start of the Source Family. You can't have a Family without a Father.

OCTAVIUS: Father Yod did not claim to be anybody besides a pilgrim that wanted to share what he was discovering daily. He was always excited and positive about the mystery. The name Father Yod was one of several names in an evolution of his own making. He was in many ways a spiritual kick-anybody's-ass Peter Pan. In short, he was a total Man's Man. A guy who stood the tallest in all situations. A spiritual adventurer who basically called out the Laws of the Universe to see what they were made of - to test the ancient wisdom and put the Laws to work for us "little kiddies."

PSF: Was he looked upon as a guru, and did he give initiations?

OCTAVIUS: He was not looked upon like a "Guru" even though he was a teacher. Most of us were real young and related to him more like a father, teacher, example, man - supplemented a lot of dynamics as you can well imagine. And there were no initiations other than being put in an environment where you had only to deal with your own reflection every moment of the day by every one around you. About 150 people all the time on an average. Trippy, trippy, a real stretch. People like the reality TV that is the latest craze. He used to say that if they put a camera on us we would have a hit show.

SUNFLOWER: He was looked upon as a Father. The Father that none of us ever had. A Father who was conscious in the higher truths and passed them on to his Children, the same as our physical Father might have done providing he was conscious (and none were). The only initiation was when you finally realized that you had found your Earthly Spiritual Father. After that we practiced certain teachings that were only for the Family Members, and when you were ready these teachings were freely given, however the pearls were never cast before the swine.

DJIN: Father was the "first earthly spiritual father for the Aquarian Age," when all fathers of the flesh will also be fathers of spirit, and there will be no longer any need for gurus, masters or priests as middlemen between man and God. Yes, he gave initiations, but not in the sense of individual promotions. They were given in accordance with "cosmic timing of spiritual events" we were in harmony with at the time.

PSF: How did you come in contact with Father Yod?

SUNFLOWER: At the Yoga class with Yogi Bhajan - that's kind of a long story for me.

DJIN: I was told about him when I was living and singing in Chicago by a friend of mine, James, who had friends already there in L.A. He thought my music reflected the family spirit and that father would blow my mind, so we came out together in '71 on July 4th, Father's birthday.

OCTAVIUS: I met Father Yod '71 or '72, something like that. I was a musician trying to stay alive in Hollywood; a little record stuff, some touring, radio, a little TV, you know, stuff. I was going to go to Las Vegas with John Davidson Kraft Music Hall, etc., 1500 a week room and board. On the day I was to go for the first practice, I joined the Source. I gave up my drums and everything else. Of course, before I did, he wanted me to play with Sunflower who I had heard played bass. He came and listened to us playing in the dining room of the mother house, just the two of us, and was excited. Since music is what I did and who I was, he decided to make me the head of the music. That was the beginning of the music thing, and I became the recording engineer, (and was also) mixing, building the studio, pressing the albums, etc., because I knew how. Well that sounded good to me, unknowing that it was his way to purge me of many things. "Destroy to build again." I was really in pursuit of a spiritual life. He was everything I needed on so many different levels. I stayed till the end. I was there entirely to absorb every drop of knowledge, life experience, wisdom, that he gave me. To this day, I thank Ya Ho Wa.

PYTHIAS: I started playing when I was 12. By the time I was 19, I had joined the family, began playing improv with the family and Father. Father created a feeling of freedom in the music as if we could do no wrong, so we just played whatever came to us. At that point, spirit and the music became one. It was all about the feeling and the message. What a natural high.

PSF: How did your meeting influence your life at that time and long term?

SUNFLOWER: It changed my direction in my life immediately. I quit my band and started washing dishes at the Source. That meeting changed the way I would interpret everything for the rest of this and I'm sure many lifetimes to come.

DJIN: I wasn't immediately impressed, because the family meditated on sheepskins and I was a profound harmlessness freak, but felt moved by something unknown. Later in my life after he was out of the body, I met my flesh uncle as I was put up for adoption before I was born, and found out that Jim Baker was my mother's mentor in Hollywood where I was born in '48. My mother died in '54, so not knowing all of this found my way back to Father on my own inner guidance. Now that's what I call destiny. Father and I always had and have a special connection, which although speaking for myself, I was only subconsciously aware of back in '72. Whether he was conscious of this or not at that time I cannot say, but that I was his accompanist in the music which is like being two halves of one coin, and that he and I were both way into the Most Ancient Name of God YHWH is a deep indication of our destiny on Earth together, and in this First Family of the Golden Age of Aquarius.

ISIS: Jim was really our Father/Mother, and everyone who came was magnetized by the power of his love and wisdom. Although he used many of the teachings from the Yogi, Jim had a lot of ideas of his own, and he drew truths from many diverse philosophies and spiritual paths.

PSF: When did Father Yod come into his awareness of who he was?

SUNFLOWER: Very early on. In the beginning there was Jim Baker who was studying yoga with Yogi Bhajan from India. When he realized that the teachings were missing some all important truths, he decided to open up the Source restaurant on Sundays to teach what was channeling through him, and when people began to come on Sundays, Father Yod was born.

DJIN: According to father, he knew he was going to have to be the first Earthly Spiritual Father for the Aquarian age when he was in India with Yogi Bhajan. Father saw the Yogi as his father, but the Yogi didn't want to take on that concept, so father knew then that it must be his mission to set the example of being the ultimate physical and spiritual father and show us what most of us missed from life so that we could pass it on to future generations.

PSF: What did you call yourselves?

DJIN: We called ourselves sons and daughters of Yahowha, but we were actually disciples of the ancient wisdom teachings of all ages.

PSF: How and when did the children of Yahowha form? Your albums were released in the '70's, but you all got together at some point in the '60's?

SUNFLOWER: I was the first in the family, and I had just come off the road in the '60's traveling a lot with my band. I was complaining that there was no music in the family, and left for a short time. Father told me to be patient and when I returned there was Octavius who had joined, and then Djin.

DJIN: There was first Ahom, his wife, and Sunflower who came from the Yogi's group with Jim Baker around '69. Soon after he became Father Yod. Then others began to come to work at the restaurant and listen to father teach.

PSF: What was his relationship with the Source restaurant - did he own it, run it?

DJIN: He owned it and ran it himself at first till the family grew.

SUNFLOWER: Jim Baker started the Source and the family ran it. Damian was the manager.

PSF: Why vegetarianism?

SUNFLOWER: We did not feel that man has the right to kill another sentient being. There are too many chemicals in the processed meats of today that are harmful. All of the truly enlightened beings are vegetarian.

DJIN: We believe this was the first diet given to mankind, that it is part of the humane and ethical path of harmlessness, and that we are physically made to eat this way. We have 24 feet of intestines, unlike a carnivores of 10 feet, because our foods need to ferment and meat needs to pass out quickly. Our teeth, unlike a carnivores, are mostly flat. We like to say, "we don't eat anything that would run away if it could."

PSF: Where was the restaurant?

DJIN: Sunset and Sweetzer in Hollywood, on the Northwest corner, between Crescent Heights and La Cienega. We were the first major health food restaurant in Los Angeles that was successful and served all local organic produce and raw dairy.

PSF: What were the logistics of the living situation back then? Obviously 150 or so people didn't all live in the same house. Did you live in various houses on the same property, or did some people live elsewhere and commute there every day?

OCTAVIUS: It was an evolution. It wasn't suddenly all of us. In the early days, there were only a few.

DJIN: At first people lived in their own places, then they started to move in with each other until around '71 when the restaurant was doing very well and we rented a mansion beneath Griffith park which had 22 rooms and an Olympic size swimming pool. All this time Father lived in his one room above the Source restaurant. Then, to step up our training program, to become more one and selfless, Father moved us to a 3 bedroom house tucked away in Nichols Canyon. We numbered about 140 with children, so to provide sleeping accommodations for everyone, the children all lived together in a large den room off the backyard, and the adults lived in what we called cubbyholes which were like beehive type 3 foot by 6 foot spaces our carpenters built vertically coming out of the walls, two rows high stacked so we got about 30 people in one room. Then we had a few platforms hidden outside in the bush. We were pretty private up there to pull it off.

PSF: That produces quite a stunning mental image - thankfully the authorities didn't know about that. You guys probably broke hundreds of building codes!

DJIN: No, we did everything up to code, we just didn't pull permits or ask permission.

PSF: Basically people had just enough room to lie down?

DJIN: Lie down or sit up and meditate.

OCTAVIUS: If you had a woman, you could remove a partition.

PSF: Were they comfortable - mattresses and wall coverings, etc.?

DJIN: Yes, but austere.

PSF: How did the platforms outside work?

DJIN: They were mainly for sexual privacy, but people took naps out there.

PSF: Did people live outside?

DJIN: No, not really.

PSF: Did Father live with you all at that point?

DJIN: Yes.

SUNFLOWER: We all had a bedroll and very few (no) possessions. We all lived in the same house, and when it was time to sleep you would roll it up.

OCTAVIUS: It seems like a dream to me now. Just like he said it would. I learned more about the human being and its ways - mass psychology, and many more aspects of us as a creature, bound to habitual responses and learned behaviors than I could have if I had gone for a PhD. He used to say we were in a "spiritual boot camp." We lived as a group wherever we went. It was always a movie whenever we went anywhere.

SUNFLOWER: Ours was a family as in nature there is a father and a mother. The children of the 60's were lost in drugs and most had come to the end of their path as hippies. We offered a way to stay high and be free on the next level of being. The hippies had experienced the ways of communal living, however they needed the concept of how things work in nature to hold their communes and lifestyles together. Ours worked because we were not followers of someone that held a position of power over their followers. This is the reason that Father had the lasting concept.

PSF: What was a typical day like?

DJIN: A typical day at the Source, wow! The beginning of all of everyone's days for seven years in some cases was exactly the same in form, though differing in substance. Let me first say no one came in to the family owning anything. Material possessions were either given away outside or to the family, but we all began with nothing, and if you left it was nothing, as in life, and this was a rebirth. Our "aim" is to 1) Purify the body, 2) Refine the Emotions, 3) Elevate the Mind and 4) Liberate the Soul so that we can be of service to humanity. So our days were spent with that aim in mind in all we did, spoke and thought directing our wills through our daily work. Our meditation, chanting, yoga, conscious breathing, sometimes recording spontaneous music, but above all hearing the WORD of Father Yod/Yahowha, who for an eternal moment in time showed us the "promised land" locked up inside of each and everyone.

 At about 7 AM, those of us who had duties to perform got to it with "energy, intelligence, truth and love," our 9th commandment. At the restaurant, there was prepping to be done, and when the doors opened it was jump to light speed for the next 8 hours of your shift. The restaurant was every prospective member's testing ground, and the source of our physical support and service to the community of L.A. It took 33 people to run her each day. Behind was a redwood temple and meeting place for candidates. Along side that was an exercise area where brothers and sisters met with people who wanted to know what we were about and hang upside down, literally. When we weren't working we were studying the ancient teachings of Quablah, Tarot, Masonry, White Magic, but most importantly of all the Essene teachings of health of body/mind. It takes more than wishing to create heaven on earth.

OCTAVIUS: Everything that occurred had a meaning and a purpose. It never ended. There was no time off. The door was always open. Anyone could leave anytime, and some upon just arriving to meditate in the morning were so caught off guard because of their own preconceptions about what it all was, would literally jump up and run out because they couldn't handle the voltage. I'm laughing out loud right now just remembering some of those times. What a movie it was.

PSF: There's a Rolls Royce on the cover of the Savage Sons album. Were the sons and daughters of Yahowha a wealthy group?

SUNFLOWER: The family had a lot of money from the restaurant. This was put into the pot, and the women were dressed, and the image was that of success - not of poverty. That Rolls Royce was bought brand new for $34,000.

DJIN: We weren't wealthy, we just worked hard and served what people wanted and needed. Our restaurant did very well, and we were open from 8AM to 12 Midnight, 6 days a week. We also had a book and record store attached.

PSF: Is this where you sold the Ya Ho Wa 13 albums? Were other of your teachings available there in book format?

DJIN: This is where we sold our albums and father's book, Liberation, which contained the 10 commandments. I like to call them the 10 codes of conduct rather than commandments to not usurp the Mosaic ones.

PSF: Tell me what you can about the tenants of Father Yod's teachings and the "Aquarian Path?" Do you still use and live these teachings in your day to day life today?

DJIN: I still live by the ten commandments of the age of Aquarius father channeled in 1970 and are in his book Liberation. They are simple, but profound, and offer the person looking for a higher code of conduct a footing.

PSF: Was this ever published or only disseminated within your group?

DJIN: Father published it himself and we sold it for $1 at the restaurant.

PSF: Is this something that can or will be made available to people?

DJIN: Yes, soon we will re-release it.

PSF: Are the 10 commandments you speak of something you'd be willing to share here?

DJIN: Sure, here goes:

  1. Obey and live by the teachings of your earthly spiritual father.
  2. Love your earthly spiritual father more than yourself.
  3. Harm not one of your body parts either by neglect, food, drink or knife.
  4. Allow each vibration to complete its own cycle without interference.
  5. Possess nothing you do not need and share all that you have.
  6. The man and his woman are one - let nothing separate them.
  7. Squander not your creative force in lust, but come together only when the three vibrations of the physical, emotional and mental are in harmony with spiritual love.
  8. Each morning join your vibrations with the ascending currents of universal life energy using the method your earthly spiritual father has taught you.
  9. Do every act energetically, intelligently, truthfully and lovingly.
  10. When these commandments have been mastered, leave the house of your earthly spiritual father and do the work of your heavenly father.

PSF: It sounds like the teachings were used as a guide and people weren't expected to be perfect in their execution of them. Was there leniency towards people breaking the guidelines that were set within the group?

DJIN: Yes, to some degree, but not much.

PSF: Were people discouraged from repeating undesired behavior?

DJIN: Sure.

PSF: Were people ever kicked out for not respecting the guidelines?

DJIN: Yes.

PSF: Does it bother you that your group is sometimes referred to as a cult?

SUNFLOWER: Yes and no. Personally anyone can refer to anyone however they want and labels don't personally affect me, however the term signifies something that we were not nor had any part in. We were continuously mislabeled. When we went to Kauai to live, they called us the Manson Cult and we were run off of the Island. The thing that bothers me is that we were the purest form of the communes anywhere and we were continuously seen through the persecuting eyes of the ignorant.

DJIN: People have said many things in ignorance about what they saw us as, not really giving it any intelligent thought. No problem. One must have the courage of their convictions in anything they want to do out of the norm.

OCTAVIUS: I couldn't care less about being referred to as a cult. Don't forget a cult is really a group of people that are just a few members short of being a religion.

PSF: How were the sons and daughters of Yahowha named, and what was the significance of the naming?

DJIN: Father named us for what or who we really were or what we needed to attain.

SUNFLOWER: All of the Family names were spontaneous. My son was named Sol Amon, God of the Sun. All of the names had some spiritual meanings.

PSF: Were children considered sacred in some way to your group?

DJIN: Absolutely, but savages.

PSF: The front and back cover of Expansion show 2 children being held in very high regard.

DJIN: They're both Sol Amon, the first born in the family. That's a picture of Jim Baker before Father Yod.

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