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PSF's 2015 Writers' Poll
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(February 2016)

left to right: DJ Paypal, Microtub, Jenny Hval Bill Fay, Irmin Schmidt

Behold, our annual poll of PSF writers! We asked them for their fave albums from 2015 and here's what they came up with. Agree with them? Disagree with them? Maybe we're all wrong and crazy? See for yourself and let us know if we missed anything.

Daniel Barbiero

Thomas Collins

Pete Crigler

Well this year was one of the most exciting when it came to music. We got a lot of older bands making superior comebacks and some new cats coming along to kick the ass of the status quo. Gene Simmons created some controversy this year by saying that ‘rock is dead.' Well the old geezer can shove that up his ass cause in this writer's opinion, rock is still living and breathing and still as heavy and vital as ever.

Top 5 Songs of the Year

Ben Dyment

Jack Gold-Molina

Gary Gomes

* Under appreciated when they were issued. Three albums in 2 years... with only two members of the original group. Yikes!

left to right: Coco Rosie, Cloakroom, Guru Freakout, Lamb of God, Calexico

Jason Gross

See my full list at Ye Wei blog

Billy Hell

The last 2 were released in 2014 but I only heard them last year

Andy Livingston

Kris Needs

Robert Pally

Marc Phillips

Michael Pursley

Derek Pyle

Mark S. Tucker

Well, after being credited a small "celebrity" amongst PR peeps and such for being the most prolific crit in America, my main outlet (F.A.M.E.) folded after an impressive 17-year run, and, like the Grecian economy, everything else came crashing down as well. Man, what a fucked-up year! Gosh, I sure hope Donald Duktrumppe gets in so we can continue like this, don't you? Yee-haw!!! Ya thought Bush Jr. was a Rightist moron? You ain'T seen nothin', pally. Meanwhile, here, in alphabetical order, is my 2015 '29', mainly taken from reviewed and unreviewed FAME submissions early in the year, plus a straggling set of others sent afterwards by the artists themselves (not otherwise procured 'cause, for me, money's been too tight to mention, knowhuddamean?).

Kurt Wildermuth

Albums are so twentieth-century. Here are my top 10 recordings, concerts, and videos for 2015:

left to right: Albert Ayler, Something and the Whatevers, Bardo Pond, Red Ray Frazier, Paul Mark

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