Perfect Sound Forever

Fan mail/Correspondence

Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Michael Freerix
This Heat

It is interesting how this heat kind of set the tone, looking back. Their first record had a good distribution in germany, so i bought this when it came out, and it opened up a new world for me. I did not like punk, i liked led zep, deep purple, sabbath, and robert wyatt. And then came the talking heads, which was really alien music for me, when i first heard 'fear of music', and young marble giants. And i guess i only liked fear of music because it had a hugo ball poem, set to music. But this heat changed the way i was listening to music, and has influenced me in many ways, until now. It opened up the world of experimental music for me, which is what i am very involved right now, and the way hayward talks about his life and what he does is kind of what i do now. And it is good they only made two records, and a maxi, so they never got to be a band like all the others.

Kevin Cowl

The Al Joshua review led me to his new CD, and then directly on to Orhpans and Vandals. I feel as though I struck gold twice in one night. This is amazing music. So original, arriving fully formed, with strong influences, yet all its own.

Joe Crippen

Was reading your article on Ronnie Lane the Texas years.
You mentioned there were 3 recordings of him and the Tremors. Actually there were 4 the Phx AZ show was recorded on that mini tour from NY to LA at the Mason Jar in Phoenix AZ. I was the house engineer at that time and recorded the show. It is uploaded here.

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