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Aroldo Bacchi

About an article by Sam Leighty in August 2013 for the song Playboy by Freddie & The Dreamers. I would like to ask for the lyrics of the song. I would be grateful!

Sam Leighty answers:
The Beat Beat Beat 1967 Live clip is in a complette show which you can buy from There are a couple of "pictures and songs" videos of "Playboy" in You Tube.There is also a completely different song with "Playboy" in the title by,Freddie and The Dreamers. Here goes:

How nice if I could always play
Love all night sleep all day
No Bills to worry
How to pay
Never care what people say
for you love I would buy any toy
If I were a Playboy
no work to do no time to waste
food to eat wine to taste
For you love,if it's Hong Kong or Illinois
If I were a Playboy
And we could travel such a lot in my planes or on my yachts
L just want to make you happy and be with you so that you'll love me
Take care of you my whole life through
Is that what you want too?
Is that what you want too?
You could have any toy
if I were a playboy
we'd live like a duke and duchess
here in our castles much less
Wherever the sun is
that's where we would be
but darling can't you see
these things I only want for you
wherever you lead I want to go to
I'm just trying to dream up us
do anyrhing just for us
For you love you are my only joy
but i'm not a playboy

Robert Love

Greetings from Dublin, Ireland.

I stumbled across Ten Ten's 'Walk On' album a while back. It was on sale in a local record store and was only a few bucks. You could listen to anything you were interested in on a few turntables the store owner had set up for that purpose. I liked it so I bought it and, when I got it home and gave it a few more spins, I discovered that I really liked it.

And so I tracked down and bought the debut Ordinary Thinking album too. There's lots of downsides to the internet, but if you are a music fan and record collector, it's amazing.

There's not a lot out there these days on the band so it was both a thrill and a shock to read Pete Crigler's brilliant article. It gave me all the information I could ever hope to have on Ten Ten. But it also gave me information that I was less happy to read, namely that Peter Bell had hit tough times after the band broke up and that it all ended tragically. That bank robbery story is something I'll never forget.

Via your pages, I just wanted to pass my sincere condolences on to his family, friends and former band mates.

For me, Ten Ten produced some fantastic songs and I'm saddened that I'll never got to witness them at a gig. If any of your readers have any recordings of the band in action, I'd love to hear/see them and my email is

Imagine Peace, Larry R. Smith
Bottom Dog Press
Subject: Kenneth Patchen Reads with Jazz by Mike Wood (May 2006)

Patchen was attuned to the heart and an overriding sense of justice.
His poetry jazz was authentic.

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