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Some of the interesting responses that we've gotten, both good and bad...

Matt Renfroe
Subject: white text on black bg

just dont even, shit destroys eyes.

ED NOTE: Ah, the irony of printing the note here likes this...

Subject: The Runaways

Your online blurb is atrocious, I man, it SUCKS.
Why? You have precious little in the way of facts, and have loaded the page with absolute shit. Go to youtube and pull their Japan 1977 footage. Watch a few of the many Cherie Currie interviews online. Read Cherie's book. O'Donnell's book is awful. If you took a couple hours to perform some Due Diligence, you could probably write a decent article, instead of the crap that's up. Cherie is one of the most accessible, kind, and real people you could ever hope to meet. If you ask her nicely, after getting some actual background, she'd likely grant you an interview. Looking forward to seeing something better from you.

T Guerro
Subject: Bad Songs of the 70s

You and your brain dead friends are SOOOOOOO FULL OF SHIT

ED NOTE: Thank you for the constructive criticism. We were wondering what that scent was...

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