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REGULAR RELEASES (chronological)

SUN RELEASES: although these were done before the Chess sessions, they would not be released until years later- information provided by the inimitable Mr. KLAUS D. MUELLER

    (Originally released on RPM singles, and on Crown, Custom, United, and Kent LPs. "Chocolate Drops" and the second "Riding' in the Moonlight" were formerly unreleased. "Driving this Highway" only released before on a Polydor sampler LP)
    Ridin' in the Moonlight/Crying at Daybreak/Passing By Blues/Driving this Highway/The Sun is Rising/Stealing my Clothes (My Friend)/I'm the Wolf/Worried about you Baby/House Rockin' Boogie Chocolate Drop (Brown Skinned Woman)/Keep what you got/Dog Me Around/Morning at Midnight (mistitled 'Moanin' At Midnight')/I Want Your Picture/My Baby Stole Off/Ridin' in the Moonlight

    My Baby Walked Off / Smile At Me / Bluebird / Everybody's In the Mood / Chocolate Drop / Come Back Home / Dorthy Mae / Highway Man / Oh Red / My Last Affair / Howlin' For My Baby / Sweet Woman / C.V. Wine Blues / Look-A-Here Baby / Decoration Day / Well That's All Right

    Charly Records CR 30102 (British 12" from ?)
  • SUN - THE ROOTS OF ROCK - Volume 2 - Sam's Blues - Howlin' Wolf - Little Milton - Houston Boines Side 1 1. Howlin' For My Baby (also on Chess and on THE LEGENDARY SUN PERFORMERS LP) 2. California Blues 3. California Boogie 4. C.V. Vine Blues (also on THE LEGENDARY SUN PERFORMERS LP) 5. My Troubles and Me 6. Look-A-Here (as "Look-A-Here Baby" also on THE LEGENDARY SUN PERFORMERS LP) 7. Decoration Day (also on THE LEGENDARY SUN PERFORMERS LP) 8. That's All Right (as "Well That's All Right" also on THE LEGENDARY SUN PERFORMERS LP) Side 2 only by the other artists.
  • GOING BACK HOME (Syndicate Chapter S.G. 003) (The tracks are chronological on the LP are 'from 1948 to 1958' but this is probably not correct. I would say it must be: "From 1951 to 1958") Side 1 1. Saddly My Pony (first disc with Ike Turner) 2. Worried All the Time (first disc with Ike Turner) 3. Howlin' Wolf Boogie (also on "The Legendary Sun Performers" LP) 4. The Wolf is at Your Door (as "Howlin' For My Baby" also on "The Legendary Sun Performers" LP & on Chess) 5. My Last Affair (also on "The Legendary Sun Performers" LP) 6. Oh Red! (also on "The Legendary Sun Performers" LP) 7. Mr. Highway Man (Chess, as below) 8. Gettin' Old and Grey (Chess, as below) Side 2 (all tracks are genuine Chicago Chess recordings, but just on 78rpm releases, or just on rare LPs or samplers) 1. Come to me Baby 2. Don't Mess with me Baby 3. So Glad 4. My Life 5. Going Back Home 6. I Didn't Know 7. Howlin' Blues 8. I Better Go Now
  • WE THREE KINGS - Muddy Waters - Little Walter - Howlin' Wolf Syndicate Chapter S.C. 005 (British 12" LP from the seventies) (Includes formerly unreleased material, at least then): On Side 2 are three Wolf tracks from 1959 (that were released just on a deleted sampler before) 5. Change Your Way 6. I've been Abused 7. Mister Airplane Man (These tracks too are probably all included in the multi-CD Chess/Wolf set by Charly Records)

  • The old Sun tracks are also released on the CDs:
  • HOWLIN' FOR MY BABY Charly Records (CD Charly 66) Tracks (the running order is from the catalogue only) 1. My Baby Walked Off 2. Smile at Me 3. Bluebird Blues 4. Everybody's in the Mood 5. Chocolate Drops 6. Come Back Home 7. Dorothy Mae 8. Highway Man 9. Oh Red 10. My Last Affair 11. Howlin' for my Baby 12. Sweet Woman 13. C.V. Vine Blues 14. Look-A-Here Baby 15. Decoration Day Blues 16. Well that's Allright 17. Califormia Blues 18. My Troubles and Me 19. California Boogie The following CD is (British) Ace Records CDCHC 333, and the catalogue writes: "The complete Modern Howlin' Wolf masters are gathered here, including both takes of 'Riding in the Moonlight' from his first ever session...' ("Modern" /"RPM" material - from SUN recordings - was given later to the cheap "Crown" label) (The 1992 Ace records cataloge has on the inner sleeve three pics showing H.W. (!) )
  • HOWLIN' WOLF RIDES AGAIN Tracks (runnig order as in catalogue): 1. House Rockin' Boogie 2. Crying at Daybreak 3. Keep What You Got 4. Dog Me Around 5. Moaning at Midnight 6. Riding in the Moonlight 7. Chocolate Drop 8. My Baby Stole Off 9. I Want Your Picture 10. Passing By Blues 11. Worried about my Baby 12. Chocolate Drop (probably the take that is called "Brown Skinned Woman") 13. Driving this Highway 14. The Sun is Rising 15. Riding in the Moonlight 16. My Friends 17. I'm the Wolf 18. Riding in the Moonlight (The third "Riding in the Moonlight" is not a third take, but stems from another Sun session with different musicians. In 1979, someone found in a Memphis basement 1260 boxes with tapes of "Sun" outtakes. And what existed before, was not exactly known for accuracy)
  • See Wolf's years at Chess