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Introduction and tour materials by Thierry Guillemin

The first time [I toured with Jon] was in May 1985, the album Power Spot was not out yet. It was my first international Tour (I was 25). The tour started with 2 concerts in Paris, then Hamburg, Rotterdam, Bruxelles, Amsterdam (at the famous Paradiso), and Eindhoven. The band was Jon, Deano [J.A. Deane], Jean-Philippe [Rykiel] and Michael Brook. For the first concert in Paris, Brian Eno was there (but not playing!). We were back on the road in November (with Goran Vejvoda replacing Michael).

Then, it was in 1988, for the promo of the album The Surgeon of the Night Sky....A small tour with 3 concerts: Paris (Theatre de le Ville), Rotterdam and Rennes. The band was Jon, Deano, Jean-Philippe and me.

With the same band, we made a concert in Linz (Austria) for the Ars Electronica Festival in september. It was a collaboration with Thomas Shannon who presented a 3D video Movie, the music was played live during the film.

The same year, in November, we went to Italy (Roma, Rimini, Tarento, Venezia). Jon added Adam Rudolph on percussion.

Most of the tracks on The Surgeon of the Night Sky... were recorded during the first tour in 1985. I was not credited for that on the album. 😔

ED NOTE: the three documents below are embedded Acrobat/PDF files- you can scroll through them with the right-side bars on each of them.
There, you will find tour riders, press clippings and even some notes (presumably from Hassell) about the stage set ups and song arrangements.

1985 - Road Book European Tour

January/February 1988 Road Book European Tour

1988- Ars Electronica

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