Howlin' Wolf

These are thumbnails of larger pictures- click on the image to get the bigger picture. Right now, we only have partial credits on the origins of the pictures (a number of them come from Chess jackets with no credits)- let us know if you know the photographers' name (and any contact for them) as we'd like to credit them.

leaning on guitar serious Wolf Early promo pic
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Frank Diggs Collection Frank Diggs Collection

Wolf howlin' Wolf w/ ac guitar A happy Wolf Wolf on stage alone
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from the Chess Files

Wolf and the band * Wolf and Hubert Sumlin Wolf on stage Wolf stamp
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photo: Steve Cushing photo: Brian Smith **** photo:
Ray Flerlage ***
U.S. Post Office
Artist: Julian Allen

Wolf with guitar Wolf portrait Wolf on motorcycle
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from the Chess files photo: Doug Fulton**

* left to right: Wolf, guitarist Jody Williams, drummer Earl Phillips, guitarist Hubert Sumlin

** Doug Fulton, a member of the Arizona Blues Hall of Fame, died in December 1996. For further information about Doug's work, you can contact Anna Fulton, 4850 W Kay T Dr, Tucson, AZ 85745-9777, USA. Doug's work has also been featured in the Tucson Blues Society Calendar (P.O. Box 30672, Tucson, AZ 85751, USA).

*** Ray Flerlage is a renouned photographer who's had his work featured in many magazines and graced many record covers. For more information about his work, you can contact Ray at 2231 East 67th Street 13C, Chicago, IL 60649, USA.

**** Brian Smith
2, Southlands Road, Goostrey
Cheshire, CW4 8JF, United Kingdom
Tel: (+44) (0) 1477 533863 (Home)
(+44) (0) 1782 683526 (Office)