Perfect Sound Forever


music note20th Century Harp
Susann McDonald takes us to a better world

music note2010s Live in NYC
Iggy, Nick Cave, Yo La Tengo pics

music note60's British Folk
Obscurities Beyond Nuggets

music note60's Punk Compilations
Obscurities Beyond Nuggets

music note60's/70's U.S. Psych Rock
Obscurities Beyond Nuggets

music note70s Black Cinema Soundtracks
How Shaft & Car Wash made history

music note8-Track Mind
Obsolete format revived?

music note360 Deals
Good or bad for artists?

music note'70's Revival
AOR is not A-OK

music note8-Chip Music
Worshipping video game tunes

music noteAbortion Rights and the Indie World
How artists fight back and you can too

music noteA Boston Folk Tale
Music scene fiction

music noteAbsurdist Guide To Punk
Its strange origins

music noteAchy Breaky (Not)
Americana's strange sad songs

music noteAcid House
A Socio-Historical Perspective

music noteAdult Musicals
Off Broadway, off clothes

music note African Instruments
How they changed America

music note Afternoon Delight
Naughty ode and/or drab 70's tune

music note Afro-Futurist Music
Sun Ra, OutKast, Kool Keith

music note Albany Rock
Hudson Valley NY in the '80's

music note Rashied Ali
Survival Records survives

music note Laurie Anderson
How avant is she really?

music note Alien Instruments
The rise of the synths

music note Alien Instruments
Loving & hating guitarists

music note Alien Instruments
When weird instruments ran free

music note Alternative in the 00's
Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy??

music note Ambient Music
Is it in a (calming) rut?

music note The Annual excerpt
Vinyl hunting in Trinidad

music note Apocalypse in the American Bush
Southern Bitch, Shooter Jennings & other good ol' boys/girls

music note Armenian Record Guide
Groovin' Haikakan style

music note Artificial Intelligence
Musicians say how they'll cope and use it

music note The Art of Bullshit Critique
Rock's partisan politics

music note Asian Improv
Vijay Iyer & friends

music note Assassination of Jazz-Rock
Another victim of the me-decade

music note Astral Weeks
Van Morrison's troubles

music note Ace Atkins
A novelist's blues

music noteAudio Memes
Vaporware folk inventions

music note Aussie Underground
The real action going on 

music note Australian Music Today
Rude sounds down under

music note Avant Garde & Music
Chris Cutler dissects connections

music note Albert Ayler
Marc Ribot & Henry Kaiser tributes

music note Bad Songs, They Say So Much
The worst of the 70's

music note Band Reunions
The real & the fake

music note Band Reunions
When are they authentic?

music note Bangla Music
Indian philosophy

music note Lester Bangs, Greil Marcus and the Sex Pistols
A new reading: Children in the Mire

music note Lester Bangs
A good role model for writers?

music note Syd Barrett
Early days of the crazy diamond

music note Barrett-Hitckcock
The Syd & Robyn connection

music note Beat Beat Beat
60's German rock TV

music note Beatles-Residents-Laibach
The Syd & Letting It Be, Without Love

music note Berlin DJ Culture
A personal guided tour

music note Between A Rock & Experimental Place
Rock & the avant converge

music noteBeyonce & Jay Z
The Carters battle via video

music noteBird of Paradise
Michigan jazz haven

music noteBlack American Avant Garde
Where is it now?

music noteBlack Gospel
Blind Boys of Alabama, Andrae Crouch define a style

music noteBlue Wicks
Southern indie fiction

music noteBlack Metal
Notes from its underground

music noteBlues Convention
Memphis blues again

music note Brain Records
Krautrock haven

music note Born To Choose
Do abortion and rock mix?

music note David Bowie Karaoke
Ziggy Walks Into A Bar

music note Brazilian Experimental
A Nova Bossa Nova

music note Andre Breton
Is silent music golden?

music note Breaking the Sound Barrier
Revisiting classic classical music tome

music noteBurlesque Revival
Crotch Level, Ten to a Table

music note John Cale/Lou Reed
Velvets face down the '70's

music note Cannabas-O-Rama
How it affects the music biz

music note Camelot and Tricksters
Nixon, Dylan & Elvis

music noteCamera Obscura #1
Master of the Airwaves & Nite City

music noteCamera Obscura #2
Country, Metal, Folk Obscurities

music noteCamera Obscura #3
Hurmi, World of Oz remembered

music noteCamera Obscura #4
Psych, studio rock & folk obscurities

music noteCamera Obscura #5
Americana guitar, disco glam & satire rock

music noteCamera Obscura #6
Folk-psych, synthy power-pop & more

music noteCamera Obscura #7
Sophisto-pop, psych rock, cinema singer and more

music noteCamera Obscura #8
Meticulous rock, Aussie folk, breezy folk

music noteCamera Obscura #9
Post-punk glam, art work with Ted Nugent

music noteCamera Obscura #9
Post-punk glam, art work with Ted Nugent

music noteCamera Obscura #10
Obscure prog, satire rock, rockin' romance

music note Kerim Capli - Blue
Is a Turkish rock bio necessary?

music note Daniel Carter
Test for the saxophonist

music note CBGB's Unknowns
Marbles, Nervus Rex, Come On

music note Champaign/Urbana Blues
The action outside Chicago

music note James Chance
Talks about his fave noir films

music note Christian Rock
Origins of a (hip?) style

music note Christmas Carols
Where the pop classics originated

music note The Clash
The story of "Train in Vain"

music noteClassical Canon
Call it 'baroque' or 'romantic' instead?

music noteClassical's New Common Practice
As principle and poetics

music noteClassic Rock Top Songs
Which ones are tops?

music note Classical Does Rock
From Mozart to Metallica

music note Classical Villains
Mozart as cinematic bad-guy?

music note "Classical" Vs. Film Music
Kissing cousins or enemies?

music note Cleveland, Indie Music & the 1970s
The Untold story of the Mid-West

music note Cocksucker Blues
The Stones' raunchiest fest

music note John Coltrane
Travels in interstellar space

music note Composers and Flatulence
Highbrow/lowbrow culture

music note Conservative punks
Oxymorons or reality?

music note Country Murder Songs
Carrying on a fine tradition

music note John Corbett
Explaining jazz improv

music note Creative Dead Ends
How composers ovecome it

music note Creative Success
How indie musicians get it

music note Creative Success II
What is the future of indies?

music note Croatian Folk Music
Modern acapella music

music note Culture Cycles
The 20-year revival rule

music note The Czech Gypsies
Never-Ending Roma Question

music note Czech Underground
BBP and the Plastics' legacy

music noteDada Music
Aural Art Terror

music note Danger Mouse & Mike Patton
Love, Italian Style

music note Miles Davis in the '70s
His most controversial decade

music noteThe Death of Singles
Hit songs no more?

music note Deep in the Heart of Tuva
Singing from the throat

music note De Rising Funky Tide of the Dirty South
Big & Rich, Gretchen Wilson, Kid Rock and friends

music note DIY or Die
Road rules from Elephant 6

music note Pete Doherty
Talent & tabloids

music note Doowop on YouTube
Hidden treasures found online

music note Down With Downloaing
The great online music debate

music note Downtown Pop Underground
NYC suburbs subversives

music note Dreamworks Records
The Rise and Fall

music note Drone Music
Its strange scattered history

music note Dublin's Post-Punk Explosion
Why and how is it happening & with who?

music note Dunedin Fringe Festival
Kiwi avant gathering

music note Duplicate Albums
Collecting record frauds?

music note Dutch cassette culture
A real underground community

music note Dutch cassettes
90's indie history/hatred

music note Dutch Post-Punk
Who remembers Minny Pops?

music note Dylan's 'Love and Theft'
His later-day masterpiece?

music note Earache Records
Grindcore history

music note Steve Earle
Sympathy for an American terrorist

music note East Austin History
Chitlin' Circuit, Juke Joints

music note East Berlin Rock
Countercultures & Popular Music book excerpt

music note Electronic Music Survival Guide
Advice on aesthetics & finance

music note Elvis in 1969
Going back to his Memphis roots

music note EMP's Love and Theft
Reflections on the Seattle conference

music note Emo origins
What it is, where it's from & where to now?

music noteEmo Revisted
Thursday Fan Grows Up and Out

music noteEngage Fans or Die
How the best performers connect

music note Brian Eno- A Sandbox in Alphaville
Previously unpublished Lester Bangs essay

music note Environ
70's jazz loft remembered

music note Epistrophy Arts
Austin's adventurous music hub

music noteErewhon Calling
New Zealand Noise Chronicle

music note The Experimental Disc Spinner
The DJ as Shaman

music note Experimental Musical Instruments
Not just guitars and drums

music note Experimental Instruments
Inventors' showcase

music note Experimental Music on Traditions Instruments
A daring concept?

music note Experimental String Instruments
From ancient China to punk

music note Extended Technique
A way out for classical?

music note Fact Records
Israeli experimental music

music note Fargo Rock City
Midwest experiences Metal

music note Field Recordings
Via composers and highway rest stops

music note Fierce Lenny C
Fiction- snagging a mythical drummer

music noteFilm Music/Sounds
How does it create drama?

music note Flying Nun & Nationalism
Great label or just a myth?

music note Freak Folk Origins
Peter Stampfel explains

music note Freak Show
Race & New Weird America

music note Free Form Radio & Branding
Sellin' Out & Buying In

music note Free Improv Manifesto
Via Italy, 1921

music note The French Can Rock
Mais oui!

music note Free Jazz
Theme Amour Universal

music noteFree Jazz
An introduction/entry-way 

music note Gamelan
How Western culture absorbed it

music note Don Gallucci
From the Kingsmen to the Stooges

music note Jerry Garcia "interview"
A chat from beyond the grave

music note Geek Rock
Revenge of the Nerds

music note Genre Definitions
Ultra rare punk & post-punk

music note Global Punk
The Indonesian scene struggles

music note Goema Music
South African carnival music

music note Goose Lake Festival
Detroit's version of Woodstock

music note 'Go' songs & 'Stop' songs
Peter Stampfel explains

music note Goth-Fathers
Black Nail Origins

music noteGreatest Hits
Formerly know as 'Mixtape' 

music noteGreatest Misses
Book excerpt- BOC, Zombies 

music noteGreatest Misses
Book excerpt- Status Quo, X get hits with consequences 

music noteGnawa
Arabic music mash-up

music noteGuitar Heroes
Which classic rockers are over-rated?

music noteGunshot Songs
From rap to reggae to country & beyond

music noteHacker Metal
Heshers in the Early Web

music note Hair Metal
Its rise and fall and rise and fall...

music noteHawaiian Music
Not just Don Ho

music noteHeavy Metal
Is it really Satanic?

music noteHeavy Metal in the '80's
Of guitar virtuosos and big hair

music noteHeavy Metal Drum Blasts
How to master the headbanger technique

music noteHeavy Metal Politics
A liberal bend there

music noteJimi Hendrix
Band of Gypsys

music noteHendrix/Santana
Their classic Woodstock sets

music noteThe Hills
Britney s New Baby: Teen TV

music noteHip Hop History or Hearsay?
Is 'the original flyer' legit?

music noteBuddy Holly
His winning geek personna

music noteHome Recording
Outsiders come of age

music noteHondo Guitars
A musician's lifelong chronicle

music note How Technology Changed Music
Private Listening, 21st Century Tech

music noteHow To Be A Rock Critic
Fighting Hootie and Rolling Stone

music noteHysterie of Can
Holger's side of the story

music noteI Lou Bot
Metal machine fiction

music noteImprov Techniques
Theories & approaches

music noteImprovisation
Is it music?  Greg Segal investigates

music noteIndian Collectors
Scouring for 78rpm treasures

music noteIndie Cover Bands
Scouring for 78rpm treasures

music note Indigo Boom
Great Service for Musicians?

music noteIndustrial Musicals
The artistic 'soul' of corporations 

music noteIndianapolis Funk
Socio-economic Midwest blues 

music noteIndie music downloads
Warnings from Chris Cutler 

music noteInstrument Worship
Cult or Snobbery? 

music noteInstrumental Techniques
Classical's new common practice? 

music noteIraq War & Music
composing under fire 

music noteIrish music industry today
Beyond U2, Van and Sinead 

music note Irish Rap
Paddy Whack

music noteIs This Thing On?
famous production fuck-up's

music noteThe Jades
Fiction- 60s garage rock antics

music noteJapanese Club Scene
The Pay-To-Play System

music noteJapanese Hits
How they're made

music noteJapanese Music
Greatest Hits 1880's to 2010

music noteJapanese Record Stores
Singing docs & friendly bombs

music noteJazz's Evolution & Death

music noteJazz Origins
The Days of Bix and Jelly Roll

music noteThe Jazz-Punk Connection
Free jazz as the first new wave

music noteJoi, Nikka Costa, Wicked Wisdom
Who says black sisters can't rock?

music noteTom Johnson
How to succeed at 'Failing'?

music noteThe Jolly Boys
Mento music in Jamaica

music noteCamden Joy
Great rock fictionals

music noteKaraoke
Behind the Japanese obsession

music noteKasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestra
Bubblegum pop is good for you

music noteAndy Kaufman/Bill Hicks
The comedians as Elvis' progeny?

music noteKilled By Death
The punkest of punk compilations

music noteK-Pop
Korea's latest popstars

music noteChuck Klosterman
Voice of a generation?

music note'Krautrock'
the real story

music noteKrautrock Obscurities
Kosmische Treasures Found

music noteL.A. Orchestra Pop
Its origins and legacy

music noteLarge Ensemble Free Jazz
Not oxymoronic at all, really

music noteLebanese Music
The burgeoning improv scene

music noteLeningrad Rock Club
Historic venue back in the USSR

music noteJohn Lennon
On the run with the "Cold Turkey" single

music noteThe Linda Lindas - Yee Loi
Asian girls rock and kick butt

music note'Listen Whitey!'
3 women poet-vocalists 

music noteLittle Willie John/Albert Ayler
Re-Viewing influences

music noteAlan Lomax
his Southern Journey

music noteLost Music Venues
Disappearing Gotham history

music noteLove Parade
Berlin Technostock- Love & Pancakes

music noteLydia Lunch
Bio excerpt- NOLA excursions

music noteMainstream Rock Radio
The problem at its core

music noteMake American Hate Again?
What music fuels the Trump movement?

music noteManchester
Forgotton 90's baggy bands

music noteMetal for the New Millennium
What are headbangers' path forward?

music noteMetallica
The ultimate prom-band?

music noteMetal Machine Music
Dissecting noise for meaning?

music noteMetal Sub-genres
Ambient, symphonic and more

music noteMexican Rock
Its sad recent history

music noteMidnite Jamboree
Country music greats & failures

music noteMilwaukee
Cows, Beer, Punk Rock and Noise

music noteMingus, Trane, Vicious, Buddha
A fantasy play/get-together 

music noteMinimalism
Composer Philip Corner explains 

music note Minimalism's future
Did it kill innovation?

music noteMofo Techno
Stop worrying, start loving

music noteMonster Club
Great lost '80's movie soundtrack

music noteMonthly Mix Tape
Michaelangelo Matos picks 'em

music note Derrick Morgan
Making of a ska anthem

music note Moogfest
Disco, pop & space rock collide

music note The Motorcycle Jacket
Glam/punk fiction

music noteMotown Goes Hollywood
The liberalization of Motown

music noteMP3's in our lives
We have the technology

music noteMTV
Their early innocent years

music noteThe Mundanes
Fiction- a Boston indie make-or-break practice

music noteMusica Caipira
Brazil goes country

music noteMusic As A Deadly Weapon
Bring the noise

music noteMusichound World
Byrne and Kidjo on 'world' music

music note Musicians You Should Know
Courtesy of The Lowbrow Reader

music noteMusic Poems
Explaining esoteric classical scores

music noteMusic Structure and Performance
Some anecdotes and observations

music noteMusic Therapy
We prescribe it in many forms

music noteMusical Divorce Albums
Dylan, Springsteen, Buckner

music noteMutek 2005
Highlights from the tech fest

music noteNAMM Conference
What's new in the synth world?

music noteNavy Music
Non-Attack Drones & Improv

music noteA New, Bad Beginning
Rock fiction squalor

music noteNew Orleans Metal
The Big Easy's big noise

music noteNew York Hardcore
Peddling an Underground Punk Classic

music note Fred Neil
The center of New York folk music

music note Nerdcore
Geek rappers proud & strong

music note New Rose
Fiction- punk singles & party girls

music note New York Rocker
Zine & indie rock history

music note 90's Noise
MBV, the Ex deconstruct rock

music note Nirvana
Long shadow over Seattle

music noteNorth Carolina Punk
Tar Heel history

music noteN-th Wave
The new school of indie rock?

music noteNu-Metal
The Good/Bad/Ugly of Rap-Metal

music noteThe Occult and Popular Music
'Evil' running rampant

music note Edley O'Dowd
Psychic TV tunes in

music noteOff Island Chinese Singers
A video/musical match-up

music note Old-Time Music
Don't call it 'bluegrass'

music noteOHM- Gurus of Electronic Music
Essays/interviews with the pioneers

music noteOne Man Bands
In metal & industrial music

music noteJohn Oswald
What do plunderphonics mean in '22?

music noteJohn Otway
'Cor baby it's me!

music noteOutsider Music
The inside out of...

music noteJimmy Page
Genius or thief?

music notePeruvian Chicha
The Brooklyn Connection

music noteLiz Phair-Dixie Chicks
At the front of cultural wars 

music notePiece of My Heart
Fiction: jammin' on Janis 

music notePipedown
Stop the muzak 

music noteP-Funk & the Dead
Cosmic collusions 

music notePlease Release Me
Disappearing and mangled music

music notePolitical Music Now
Failed in the post millennium?

music notePono
Examining Neil Young's tech toy

music notePort Arthur Blues
Texas Showdown

music notePost-Rock Cliches
Formula for '90's music

music notePorous Music
Accidental & purposed music

music noteWalter Prati
Italian composer's improv tome

music notePrince
The secret 2 maintaining his royalty

music noteProg Rock defended!
It's hip so get used to it

music noteProg Rock/Critical Reaction II
Eclecticism as a End in and of Itself

music noteProg Rock/Critical Reaction III
Advent of technique

music noteProg Rock/Critical Reaction IV
The Twilight Era

music note Prog Rock Obscurities
'70's American Music

music notePscyhobilly
UK roots revival

music noteProg Rock/critical reaction
The beginning- love, hate, history

music noteProvidence Rock
Art + noise = a strange scene

music notePublic Image Limited
The 1981 riot show at the Ritz

music notePunk to Country
Personal musical transition and reckoning

music noteQueen Jess Approximately
Fiction- folky chanteuse breaks thru

music noteQueering Classic Rock
Testerone implications

music noteRadio Quotas
Do they really work? 

music noteRap/Metal How To
Making your own band 

music noteReadding Music
What Books Do Musicians Find Crucial?

music noteReasonable Guide to Rock Critics
How to spot them and avoid them

music noteRecord Cultures
Book excerpt- labels vs. radio

music noteRecord Fairs
Their psycho-geography

music noteRecord Rituals
Strange ceremonies revealed

music noteReggae & Decolonization
Did roots music inspire Black Lives Matter?

music noteReggae & the Punk Legacy
The Womens' Story

music noteRivers Of Babylon
Behind the reggae classic

music noteRoller Derby
Theme music for elbowing

music noteSimon Reynolds feature
UK rave/jungle pirate radio

music noteRock and American Literature
The not-so-obvious connections

music note Rockin' in Chicago Before '65
Midwest Madness pre-Beatles

music noteRock's Heroin Connection
Rock 'n' horse

music note Russian Jazz
Post-Perestroika music

music noteSacred Steel
Hawaiian Guitar Gets Saved

music noteSt. Joseph Bands
Midwest indie invasion

music noteSalsa in the 70's
Popularized by Tommy?

music note Same Titled Songs
Led Zep vs. Benetar vs. Sedaka

music note Same Titled Songs II
Battle of the Bands returns

music note Same Titled Songs III
Beatles vs. Pink Floyd & more

music note Same Titled Songs IV
Metallica and Connie Francis battle

music noteSample Snitching
Musical/legal investigation

music noteSampling
From concrete to hip-hop

music noteSatanic Majesties
Stones album not unloved

music noteThe Savoy Music Center
Saturday in Eunice LA

music noteScottish Music
From Folk To Electronica

music noteSelling Out
What does it mean for an artist?

music noteSextant & Dr. M
Herbie Hancock meets Matthew Bourne

music noteSharpies
Aussie fashion & violence

music noteJohn Sinclair
Recent writings from the Big Easy

music noteSituationism & Rock
Dickens Meets the Sex Pistols

music noteSka's Third Wave
Waiting for the next wave

music noteSnorecore
Spacemen 3, Low and more

music noteSolo Percussion
Not just snoozy drum solos

music noteSolo Saxophones/a>
Three composers, 3 journeys

music noteSong Poems
Amateurs' top 40 dreams

music noteSongs Against Injustice
Ferguson Riots Stir Musicians

music noteSongwriter's Block
The psychology of beating it

music noteSonic Phantoms
Book excerpt- repetition in the (art) music

music noteSonic Youth in Serbia
Rough Guide to the Dark Side

music noteSoul of Protest
Godfather of Soul, Marvin, Kendrick lead the way

music noteSound Poetry
Its dada origins & beyond

music noteSoundscape
RIP another NYC music venue

music noteSounds of Silence
Rating an album of no sounds

music noteSouth African Festivals
Are corp sponsers helping?

music noteJon Spencer Blues Explosion
Extended Travelogue

music note Bruce Springsteen
Born in the USA/Viva Vietnam

music noteSST Records
Legendary punk label 

music note The Street Singer
Fiction- a musical swindler

music note Subtropic's Music Fest
Florida's avant gathering

music noteSuicide Note Songs
BOC, Ozzy, Nilsson and More

music noteSurf Punk Rockers
Love letter from '80's Cali

music note Sun Ra Guide III
'70's to '90's

music note Surf Ballroom
Pilgrimage to history

music note Swiss Underground
80s punk/newwave

music noteSXSW 2016
Why it still matters & highlights

music noteSXSW 2022
Band report & back to abnormal

music noteSXSW 2023
Music fest in a post-post-pandemic world

The In's/Out's/Techniques

Really 'seeing' classical rock

music note A Taste of Krautrock
Survey of German rock's golden age

music note The Technology Trap
Will digital FX save or kill music?

music note Telephone Hold Music
A fevered quest for muzak

music note Temporary Residence Records
Of Sky Explosion and Eluvium

music noteTidal
To stream or not to stream...

music noteTo Improv is Human
How is improvisation created?

music noteDavid Toop
Book excerpt- becoming a music scribe

music note Touring No More
How indie, avant artists say they'll manage

music note Trance Music
Its dizzying history

music note The Trip
Fiction- Athens GA wanna-be's

music noteTropicalia's Dark Side
The destruction of Brazil's music?

music noteA True-Life Adventure of Music Writing Ethics
'This is not a PSF article

music noteTrue Love Scars
'70's tales of music & love- book excerpt

music noteTrue Temperament
Guitars in 'strange' scales

music noteTurntablism
From John Cage to Kid Koala 

music note20th Century's Greatest Hits
Paul Williams' tally 

music noteTwentieth Century Flute Music
Vintage Album for the Adventurous 

music noteTwo Tales From the Rave
The decline and renewal of dance music 

music noteU2
"Exit" and its murderous connections

music noteUK Music Festivals
Their originas, back to 3000 BC

music noteUK Music Festivals II
Small fests thrive despite adversity

music noteUnder Appreciated Moments
In Jazz and creative music

music noteUnderground Hip-Hop
Who/what killed it?

music noteUnique Recording Spaces
Creating Unique Music From It

music noteVillage Voice R.I.P.
Freaky freelancing tales

music noteThe Vinyl Anachronist
Our expert on fantastic plastic

music note Virginia Rock
Not just GWAR

music note Washington DC Experimental Music
Noise Along the Potomac

music noteWaterfront Blues Festival
A 35 year old tradition survives, thrives

music noteMuddy Waters
His least-loved album

music noteMike Watt & James Joyce
Punk meets literature

music noteWeirdo Records
Detailing Obscure Catalogs

music noteWeirdo Records II
More detailing of obscure catalogs

music noteWeirdo Records III
Scouring More Great Indie Unknowns

music noteWeirdo Records IV
Scouring Even More Great Indie Unknowns

music noteWeirdo Records V
Horror, art, gospel, blues unknowns

music noteWeirdo Records VI
Polish jazz, Canadian garage & more

music noteWeirdo Records VII
Bahamas guitar, space jazz, Satan rock

music noteWeirdo Records VIII
Zambian funk, tango noise, surf music

music noteWeirdo Records IX
Early blues, electro noise, baby sounds

music noteWeirdo Records X
French synth pop, Afrobeat, Peruvian psych

music noteWeirdo Records XI
French soul, Cali funk, Japanese porn

music noteWeird Song Titling
A Plea For Insanity

music noteWest Cork Chamber Music
Classical festival

music noteWhen I Fall in Love
Fiction- Boston freeloader, wanna be musician

music noteWhistling
In movies and cartoons

music noteWhy Was '70's Music Orgasmic?
Understanding the Quiet Storm

music noteSonny Boy Williamson
His secrets revealed

music noteWinnipeg Rocks
Canada's hidden music scene

music noteWorld War I music
The pro's and con's of pop

music noteXenakis
Aesthetics of his early works

music note Xenharmonics
Beyond 12-tone with Ivor Darreg

music note Yodeling
Not just for the Swiss mountains?

music note Yodeling II
Heard from country to funk to gospel

music note Yodeling III
Heard from the '70's to now

music note Yodeling IV
Country, Cambodia, JFK rival and more

music note YouTube Pundits
The new online music gurus

music note Zappa & Cleveland
New music in the midwest


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