Perfect Sound Forever


music noteAbba
Why they're vital in COVID times

music noteJohn Abercrombie
The guitarist's winding backstory

music noteAbsolute Zero
The return of maximalist music

music noteAC/DC
The devil & end of history

music noteDavid Ackles
His theater of melancholy

music noteDavid Ackles
His uncertain legacy

music noteAction
Young Mods Forgotten Story

music noteJohn Adams
Minimalist to the max

music note Afrissippi
The motherland meets the South

music note Akira Soundtrack
A Highlight of Japanese Movie Music

music note Tetuzi Akiyama
Avant boogie guitar

music note Algiers
Industrial goth-soul revisited

music note G.G. Allin
Beyond the filth- roots and covers

music noteAmon Duul
Krautrock's most hated band

music noteAnalog Girl
Minimal pop, future nostalgia

music noteThe Anchoress
Prog & Literary & Proud of It

music noteBob Andy
Reggae elder statesman

music noteSusan Angeletti
Blues belting mama

music noteAnimal Collective
Their signature closing tracks

music noteAnrimeal
Computer folkie

music noteAnthrax
Thrash Metal bad luck

music noteAnthrax
90's and 00's shrinkage

music note Any Trouble
New wave & lost copyrights

music noteAorta
Late '60's Midwest Psych

music noteApollo Heights
Bring da afro-gaze

music noteFiona Apple
Inspiration in the age of Trump?

music noteArab On Radar
Providence noise legends

music noteJohn Aram
Blending 16th century Tudor, electronics, jazz

music noteArovane
Techno, ambient marvel

music noteArt Zoyd
Their 11-year storm

music noteAssembled Multitude
Neavy rock via large 70s studio band

music noteMulatu Astatke
Ethiopian jazz master

music noteAsylum Choir
Leon Russell in wild band mode

music noteAsylum Street Spankers
Not Just Old-Timey Novelty

music noteAzalia Snail
Queen of lo-fi?

music noteCardi B
The power of WAP

note Milton Babbitt
Was the composer a jazz artist too? 

note Babe the Blue Ox
Perfect happy complex groovy pop 

note Bablicon
Improv power trio 

note Bad Brains
Their first/best noise-blast 

note Bad Brains
Life After H.R. 

note Baka Not Nice
Drake protege preps for success 

note Ginger Baker
Give the drummer some! 

note Bailter Space
NZ Psych Flame-out? 

note Osvaldas Balakauskas
Lithuanian chamber music master 

note Barclay James Harvest
Don't call 'em Moody Blues! 

note Bark Psychosis
Sweet folky ambience 

note John Perry Barlow
RIP Dead lyricist, Net pioneer 

note Jo Bartlett
Confessions of a Folktronic Maven 

note Kevin Bartlett
Cinematic electronic music 

note Gren Bartley
Lithe Folkie Blues 

note David Baerwald
Songwriter's Lean Economy 

note Robbie Basho
Folk guitarist's many sides via box set 

note William Basinski
Reconstructing 'The Distintegration Loops' 

note William Basinski
'The Distintegration Loops' revisited/reconsidered 

note The Beatmen
Origins of Czech rock 

music noteThe Beatles
Their best (relatively) unknown song

music noteBeck
Morning Phase & Desert Voyages

music noteBeck
How Mutations Mutated

music noteJeff Beck
Wired in the '70's

note Be Good Tanyas
All-American Canadians 

note Harry Belafonte
Chronicling the essentials of the Calpyso superstar 

note Carey Bell
Blues harp master 

note Chris Bell
Book review- his short, blazing life

note Jorge Ben
Mais Que Nada! 

note Beat Happening
Calvin Johnson Admits His Fears

note Beau Bummels
Before Triangle and beyond 

note Jeff Beck
Early Solo Years 

note Kark Berger
Jazz vibes as creative collective force 

note Steven Jesse Bernstein
Requiem for a punk poet 

music noteChuck Berry
Poet of the Practical Life 

music noteChuck Berry
Less Poet Than Storyteller 

music noteChuck Berry
An Artist's Perfect Legacy 

music noteChuck Berry
Remembering a fellow Midwesterner 

music noteChuck Berry
Farewell to the Brown-Eyed Handsome Man 

note Big Sugar
Blues/rock/reggae hybrid 

note Big Youth
Chanting inna fine dread style 

note Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
The evolution of the kooky art rockers

note Birthday Party
All welcome 

note Black Lips
Garage swagger 'n' menace 

note Black Randy
Unsettling L.A. punk 

note Black Rebel Motorcylce Club
American X factor 

note Black Sabbath
Poetic sludge- early years 

note Black Slate
Brutal British reggae 

note Ritchie Blackmore
His classical side 

note The Blasters
Rockabilly sages

note Carla Bley
Jazz legend discovers America

note Blind Alfred Reed
Old-Timey Economic Blues Legacy

note Bloc Party
Overlooked Sophomore Effort

note Bloodrock
The theme song of Sept 11th?

note Blue Cheer
Caucasian Power Blues 

note Blue Nile
Glaswegian electro-pop 

note Blue Oyster Cult
Tyrannic rise & mutated fall 

note Blue Oyster Cult
Their Son of Sam connetion

note James Blunt
Why his pop fluff is appealing 

note Blur
Brit-pop out of focus? 

note Bomb
Michael H. Dean tells tales of major label woe 

note James Booker
NOLA piano wizard tales 

note Pierre Boulez
Death of a classical rebel 

note Pierre Boulez
Convulsive beauty in electroacoustic music 

note Dennis Bovell

note Bowie's Scary Monsters
Another Great Turning Point 

note Brainbow
Ohio prog rocks 

note Brain Surgeons
Ex-BOC + Ex-Dictators + Rock Critic 

note Branded Women
Finnish secrets no more 

note Brigadier Jerry
Reggae toaster's chronicles 

note Herman Brood
Dutch rock vs. a drug monkey 

note Brothers Bicker
Maple whiskey roots rock 

note Peter Brötzmann
Dying Like A Dog 

note Rachel Brooke
Country blues- where you been

note Danny Brown
Rapper keeps it real/surreal

note Earle Brown
The poltergeist composer in the machine 

note Glen Brown
Roots reggae producer remembered 

note Greg Brown
Folkie heartbreak counselor 

note Lucy Brown
Looking For DC Funk-Metal 

note Jack Bruce
How He Changed Rock Bass 

note Roy Buchanan
"Greatest unknown guitarist" 

note Joe Budden
Depressed Genius, Unabridged 

note Built To Spill
True to their indie roots 

note Bunker Records
Netherlands industrial techno 

note Michael Burks
Blues legend in the making 

note The Butchies
Punk love's a butch 

note Glen Buxton
Alice Cooper's original guitarist 

note Buzzcocks
Time's Up!

note Junior Byles
"Rasta No Pickpocket"

note The Byrds
Bio questions on band members

note The Byrds
Bio mourning their dead

note Cafe Tacuba
Mexican rock/punk in the tradition

note John Cage
His Common Aesthetic Thread

note John Cage
What does his silent piece 'mean'?

note John Cale
Wild Welshman of the late '70's

note Uri Caine
Gustav Mahler In Toblach

note Cake
In search of 90s alternative rock

note Can
Tago Mago's journey

note Can
Godparents of "indie" avant-garde?

note Captain Beefheart
Reviews of (almost) all CB releases 

note The Cardiacs
Complex punks thrive

note Wendy Carlos
Her switched-on world

note Wendy Carlos
What the synth pioneer's bio tells us

note Ralph Carney
Sax attack

note John Carpenter
Master of his own film music

music noteThe Carpenters
Explains Unironically

music noteThe Carpenters
Karen & Richard's rock & roll past

music noteThe Carpenters
Questions to ponder about their Gold album

note Caseworker
Hypnotic, simple, unrushed & luvly

note John Cassavetes
Faces soundtrack revisted

note Nick Cave
Skeleton Tree's psychic drama

music noteCavity
Best metal band since Gwar? 

music note Chalice
Reggae meets dancehall

music noteChainsaw Kittens
Undeserved '90's rock obscurity

note Robert Chaney
American Tale Spinner 

music note Harry Chapin
Cab Rides, Varieties & Charities

music note Charalambides
Texas neo-psychedelia

music note Ray Charles
RIP, a personal reminiscence

music note Charlie Brown Christmas
Olden Times & Ancient Rhymes

note Bishu Chattopadhyay
Jazz bassist, composer, band leader, border explorer

music note Amit Chaudhuri
Raga fusion blues

music note Richard Cheese
Rock anthems & martinis

music note The Cimarons
Brit reggae legends

music note Chelsea
A lovely buncha yobs

music note Clem Snide
Alt-country strangeness

music note Don Cherry
Harmolodic world music

music note Don Cherry
His late albums

music note Cherry Natural
Dub Poetress

music note Chic-A-Go-Go
Chitown's wildest variety show

music note Alex Chilton
The glory and grandeur that is defeat

music note Tom Chiu
Modern classical meet jazz

note Cinderella
Not Just 80s Hair Rock

note Clairvoyance
Jazz/improv trio explored

music noteGene Clark
A Byrd's tale

music noteRev. James Cleveland
Death of a Queer King

music noteGeorge Clinton
The story of 'Maggot Brain'

music noteThe Clintons
Montana's secret weapon

music note Clusone Trio
New Dutch Masters

music note Kurt Cobain
Hero or Zero?

music note Cockney Rebel
Come up and see Steve Harley

music note Cocteau Twins
Shoegaze Heaven revisited

note Ornette/Schuller/Squire
RIP to 3 Music Greats 

music note Shirley Collins/Davey Graham
Folk Roots, New Roots

music noteColorblind James

music noteJohn Coltrane
Stellar Regions- Late Trane

music note John Coltrane
Lewis Porter catches the Trane

music note Joanna Connor
Modern Chicago blues queen

music noteAlice Cooper
Another punk grand-daddy

music noteConstantines
...come to rock's rescue

music noteContemporary Youth Orchestra
Repertoire includes the Doors & Killing Joke

music noteConverge
'chaos, hell, metalcore'

music noteCorb Lund
A very uncool country act

music noteWilliam Corbett-Jones
Bay Area honors music prof

music noteChris Cornell
Bay Area honors music prof

music notePhilip Corner
Graphic scores & chance music

music noteChris Cornell
More than a great singer

music noteLarry Coryell
Farewell to a guitar master

music noteCountry Cavaleers
Outlaw Country's Forgotten Heroes

music noteCathal Coughlan
RIP A Man Out of Time

music noteCountry Cavaleers
More of country's weirdest mavericks

music noteHenry Cowell
His theories & rhythm invention

music noteKen Cox
R.I.P. PSF editor/writer

music note Kevin Coyne
Case history of his strange locomotion

music note Kevin Coyne

music note Simon Crab
Tales of experimental anarchism

music note Crack the Sky
'70's Buckeye prog-rock

music note The Creation
UK garage pop-art

music note David Crosby
Dreamer, madman, pscyhoanalysis

music note Culture
Roots reggae thrives, survives

music note Culture
Roots reggae classic

music note David Cunningham
Life in/out of Flying Lizards

music note Holger Czukay
RIP to a great madman

music note Phil Dadson
NZ 'inter-media' artist

music note Dangermouse
Brian Burton's Many Cartoons

music note Rick Danko
The last days of the Band man

music note Ivor Darreg
Unique composer, foodie, inventor

music note Datblygu
The Great Welsh Hope

music noteMiles Davis
How He Got Up With It In the 70s

music note Elton Dean
UK Sax Deity

music note Del Amitri
'Adult contemporary' for real

music note Delaney and Bonnie
White soul couple

music note Iris Dement
Country Regeneration via poetry

music noteDe Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig
Dutch rap is a reality

music noteGirolamo De Simone
Minimalist Italian Composer

music note Destory All Monsters
Their story told by one of their own

music note Detroit Tubeworks
Motor City TV History

note Victoria DeVille
Minneapolis' dirty little secret 

note Devo
Devolution's rise, fall, rise 

music note Dexy's Midnight Runners
Beyond 'Come On Eileen'

music note Didjits
The curse of Detroit metal?

music noteBo Diddley
Clave, Ring Shout, DIY, Much More 

music noteDie Antwoord
Rap/Rave Question(able)s 

music note J Dilla
Great DJ, gone too soon...

music note Pat Dinizio
Only a memory

music note Dirty Beaches
Lo-fi rock primitivism

music note DJ Jester
San Antonio's Filipino Fist

music note Doc Alimantado
Jamaican deejay hit-maker

music note D!O!D!O!D!
Japanoise Redux

music note Hamid Drake
Jazz drummer projects

music note DJ Language
Mixtape music for real people

music note Eric Dolphy
God bless the child

note Do Make Say Think
Experimental drone stars

note The Doors
Which "Roadhouse Blues" is definitive?

note Arthur Doyle
Me, Myself- the life of a saxophone legend

music note Dream Theater
Their place in prog-metal history 

music note Arnold Dreyblatt
Composer/Band Leader/Builder 

music note Dr. Feelgood
Where's Their Bio-Pic?

music note Greg Dulli
His angest & his art 

music note Dumptruck
The Seth Tiven story 

note Paul Dunmall
Free jazz and big band pedigree 

note Nancy Dupree
Soul poet remembered

note Bob Dylan Bio
His Back Pages 

note Bob Dylan
Did he really have the Xmas spirit? 

music note Ear Duo
Robots interfaces with music

music note The East Coast 60s Rock & Roll Experiment
The title says it all...

music note Eek A Mouse
Reggae toasting star 

music noteKeith Emerson
Fanfare for an uncommon man

music noteEn Vogue
Untangling R&B Divas

music note Errol Dunkley
From rocksteady to world traveler 

music note Hanns Eisler
Marxist polygot composer 

music note ECM Records
Happy 30th

music note Eels
Their cancer rock

music note Effigies
Chicago punk legends

music note Electric Eels
Cleveland's art-terrorists 

music note Marjorie Eliot
NYC parlor jazz entertainment and history 

music note Kenward Elmslie
Poet turned theater man 

music note The Embarrassment
Midwest great unknowns

music note Emerson, Lake & Palmer
In defense of...

music note Brian Eno
His life in the bush of the '70's

music note Brian Eno
Can you orchestrate ambient music?

music note Brian Eno
The Star of the Non-Musician

music note Roky Erickson
The 13th Floor to hell and back

music note Roky Erickson
Fun days with Doug Sahm

music note Roky Erickson
RIP a raging demon

music note Roky Erickson
Punk label revived a troubled rock legend

music noteEsquivel
Cocktail Music, Pachuco Style

music noteExuma
He's the Obeah Man

music note Exo
Not your average Korean boy-band

music noteThe Explosion
Beantown punks erupt

music noteFados of Portugal
A charming vintage folk LP to download

music noteJohn Fahey
Tribute to an American Primitive

music noteFaith No More
They were the Real Thing

music noteFaith No More
Angel Dust 25 years on

music note Jason Falkner
Indie pop & kiddie Beatles

music note The Fall

note Mick Farren
A Deviant take on 'Mona' 

music note Feelies
Drums Along the Hudson

music note Dror Feiler
His extreme art/music

music note Luc Ferrai
French composer improvs in the 70s

music note Felt
Enigmatic gloom-pop

music note Dorothy Fields
A Musical Feminist Wrote That?

music note The Fieldstones
Memphis blues again

music note Fiery Furnaces
Their Strange Plans & Project

music note Firewater
The strange case of this NYC band

note Fishbone
Musical guide to their madness 

note Edi Fitzroy
Socially Conscious Rasta

music noteJason Fladlien
From monk to musical madman 

music noteFlamin' Groovies
The early/Loney years 

music noteThe Flesh Eaters
Chris D howls 

note Flipper
Live Punk Blow Out

music noteBobby Flores
Chris D howls 

music noteFlying Lotus
Very Much Alive, Ready to Die 

music note Fowler/Fairweather Low
A tale of two great cult artists

music note Frank Ocean
Importance of being Frank

music note Jesse Frederick
Not just for Leon Russell fans

music note John French
Magic Band member solo

music note Freddie and the Dreamers
Merseybeat Jokesters 

music note Robert Fripp
Truly a guitar gawd?

note Edgar Froese
Tangerine Dream memories 

music note Serge Gainsbourg
His late career

music note Frank Gallagher
Confessions of an expert new wave soundman

music note Gants
Southern garage rock with the blues 

music note Ganelin Trio
Year Zero in the Iron Curtain

music note Garrison
Poppy post-noise heaven

music note Michael Garrison
Forgotten synth pioneer

music noteRon Geesin
Composer's early days & Pink Floyd connection

music note Generation X
Was Billy Idol really punk?

music note Geraldine Fibbers
California tuffy

music note Lowell George
Little Feat legend

music note Chris Gethard Show
Cable Music Haven

music note David Getz
Life With/out Janis & Big Brother

music note Giant Step Records
From night club to dance label

music note Gin Blossoms
Their Greatest Song

music noteAllen Ginsberg
His Musical Career

music note Girl Talk
Frankensteining the G.T.E.

music note Gladiators
Roots reggae endures

music note Charles Gocher
RIP- Sun City Girls tribute

music note Arthur Godfrey
TV host's music career

music note The Godz
The original primal stew

music note Golden Earring
Dutch Treats beyond 'Radar Love'

music noteGoldfinger
Ska-punk Rise & Inglorious Fall

music noteRobert Gordon
Rockabilly boogie from an insider

music noteManuel Gottsching
German guitar legend remembered by bandmate Luul Ulbrich

music noteA Grandfather's Music
Bonding over classic rock

note Grateful Dead
Rethinking their studio albums 

note Grateful Dead
Their LSD Connection 

note Grateful Dead
Book excerpt- classic hometown '76 gigs 

note Grateful Dead
Comforters in COVID times 

note Austin Gravelding
70's indie folk and Dio buddy 

note Graven Image
80s hardcore tragedy 

music noteGreat Kat
Shreddin' guitars at 100MPH

music note Great Unwashed
Not just the Clean in drag

music noteGreen
Chitown indie rock/soul legends

music noteAl Green
Early 70s heyday- bio excerpt

music noteKeith Green
Christian Rock s Great Refuser

music note Earl Greyhound
A different kind o' power trio 

music note Gruppo Di Improvvisazione
Italian improv & Morricone  

music note The GTO's
Not just fans & groupies 

music note Bernhard Guenter
Rewards of concentration

music note Guitar Slim
Great forgotten bluesman

music note Gun Club
Tributes by by Steveo Olende & Jay Hinman

music note Steve Hackett & Gary Green
tribute to prog guitar gods

note Merle Haggard
Started Loving Him Again 

music note Keiji Haino
Secrets of the Socerer

music note Tahoma Hauptman
Northwest Jazz Math

music note Keiji Haino
1996- His Magical Year

note Halestorm
A 'Bad' Mom Rocks Out 

music note Peter Hammill
Early solo years

music note Kip Hanrahan
Composer/band-leader/label head

music note Thomas Hansen
Portrait of a concert pianist

music note Bo Hansson
Jimi's favorite keysman?

music note Happy Goodman Family
Gospel cheer

music note Hard Place
Nerdy-pervy hairy MOR

music note Bill Harrington
From Prog to Cage & Beyond

music note Harpers Bizarre
Old-timey in the radical '60's

music note George Harrison
R.I.P. the quiet Beatle

music note Herbie Hancock
His prime fusion years

music note The Harder They Come
Jamaican soundtrack landmark

music noteJon Hassell
RIP- It's a Fourth World after all

music noteJon Hassell
RIP- More interviews with his collaborators

music note Christos Hatzis
Composer goes throat singing

music note Roman Haubenstock-Ramati
Post-serial cyclic composer

note Hawkwind
The mad tale of their Space Ritual tour 

music note Robin Hayward
Sustained tones, just intonation

note The Headstones
Future Canadian punk icons? 

note Health and Happiness Show
90s Indie Alt-Country Power Pop 

music note Henry Cow
Giving art rock a good name?

music note The Heptones
How "Book of Rules" became a reggae classic

music noteKool Herc
When did he make hip hop history?

music noteJoe Higgs
Jah respect is overdue

music noteHolger Hiller
Modernist sampling mystery

music noteAashid Himons
The Reggae Lion of Nashville

music noteJustin Hinds
Ska/rocksteady hero

music noteSusumu Hirasawa
Japanese Techno-Pop

music noteJon Hiseman
RIP jazz/rock great

music noteLauren Hoffman
Cryptic Indie Folk

music noteKelly Hogan
A plea for more music

music noteRobin Holcolmb
On the American Rhine

music noteDavid Holmes
DJ as (post) modern genius?

music noteHoney Ltd.
Lost Lee Hazlewood proteges

music noteJames Honeyman-Scott
Live Fast, Play Hard, Die Young

music noteMary Hopkin
Sweet folk nostalgia via the Fabs

music noteGlenn Horiuchi
Atonal energy music

music noteBecky Hobbs
Oklahoma's piano stomper

music noteMark Hollis
Talk Talk solo & deities

music noteHorsebox
Free associating with England's most obscure band

music note Hot Water Music
Hardcore hurricane heros

music note Monica Houghton
Opera triumphs & woes

music note Son House
Bluesman's Southern Cross & Yellow Dogs

music note Keith Hudson
The rasta communicator

music note Huggins Pan-Demonium
A 1970's steel drum artifacto

music note Human League
Pre-fame years

music note Ben E. Hunter
New Orleans Reggae

music note Ifwhen
The art of the headf*ck noise

music note IIP
Wunderkind folk duo

music note The Incredible String Band
Robin and Mike's excellent adventure

music note Immortal Lee County Killers
Punk and the Blues Evolution

music note Immortal Technique
Rap's message or money

music note In Crowd
Roots reggae not 60s pop

music note The Insect Trust
The jazzy, bluesy folk band

music note Instant Automatons
DIY to the n-th

music note Tony Iommi
Sabbath's metal architect

music note I-Roy
Jamaican DJ's many moods

music noteIslaja
Finnish Avant Electronix

music noteJanet Jackson
Not Just a Soft-Spoken Sexpot

music noteJandek
Reviews, live antics

music noteJapan
Adolescent Sex is Best

music noteJason & the Scorchers
Scorched earth

music noteJay-Z
Secrets of rhyme & groove

music noteTy Jeffries
Miss Hope Springs- Drag Queen

music noteJan Jelinek
German electronix

music noteJerry Jerry
80's Canadian punk with actual talent/songs

music note Jesus Lizard
A look back through their urine

music note Jewelled Antler
A collective sigh of dada-rock 

music note Jero
Enka ballads-Japanese star 

music note Jobriath
Rock's first gay icon

music note John's Children
Marc Bolan's roots

music note Thymme Jones
Indie prog drumming

music note Jorane
Quebec's star cellist

music note Louis Jordan
King of the jukeboxes

music note Al Joshua
A folkie journeys to jazz

music note Judybats
Ill-fated alt-rock

music note Julie Ruin
Male feminism and contradictions

music note Junoon
Pakistani rock stars

music noteMauricio Kagel
Geographic compositions

note Mauricio Kagel
Composer's Dialogue and Monologue 

music noteBrenda Kahn
Hunger's Metamorphosis

music noteMikami Kan
Japanese underground blues

music notePaul Kantner
RIP- Ballad of a Bourgeois Punk

music noteMichael Karoli
R.I.P. to the Can man

music note Kassaba
Classical ensemble gets the blues

music note Jeff Kelly
Another side of Green Pajamas

music note Jack Kerouac
A musical salute

music note Jack Kerouac
Beat legend's musical influence/trail

note Khaled
Arab Pop in a Post-9/11 World

note Junior Kimbrough
Junior runs the voodoo down

music note Killed By Death
Punk series revisited

music note Killing Joke
A retrospective of these gloomy guys

note Killswitch Engage
Metalheads in Synch

note Fredrik Kinbom
Metalheads in Synch

music note Morgana King
Vintage jazz-pop-folk

music note King Tubby
The ruler of dub

music note Kink Gong
Ethno-music loops

music note The Kinks' Face to Face
Where have all the good times gone?

music note The Kinks' Golden Age
When Ray was the man

note Roland Kirk
Hip Chops

note Kiss
God gave Halloween to you

music note Klaatu
A personal reminiscence

note Dana & Karen Kletters
Folkies meet their enemies

note The Knife
Can't You Take A Joke?

note Terry Knight
His years as band front-man

note Al Kooper
Sideman's solo career

note Hilly Kristal
Belated RIP to punk's big bro

note Kuma
Semi-violence bio-fiction

music note Steve Lacy
Soaring soprano sax

music note Lady Gaga
Her club-kid roots

music note Landing
Somnambulist sounds

music note Kendrick Lamar
Untitled Unraveled

note Landlady
Toasting Semi-Baroque Rock 

music notekd lang
Dissecting her 'Hallelujah'

music note Langhorne Slim
Folkie fashion plate 

music note Ronnie Lane
The Texas years 

music note Ronnie Lane
A Gypsy Life For A Face 

music note Languis
Spiritual pop techno? 

music note Peter Laughner
Box set unveils Pere Ubu founder

music note Peter Laughner
Seminal tragic Cleveland figure

music note Led Zeppelin Fantasia
Reliving their live legeacy via bootlegs

note Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Wide-Open Space Cadet

music note Ted Leo
A true punk?

music note A John Lennon Memoir
Up close and personal

music note A John Lennon
His Yoko-less solo years

music note Lesni Zver
Czech Rock & Bent Linguistics

music note Les Rallizes Dénudés
Their pre-terrorist pscyh roots

music noteLes Rallizes Dénudés
Psychedelic musical terrorism

note Jaki Liebzeit
Early years of the Can man 

music note A Lift to Experience
the call of Texas Rock

music note A Lil Wayne
Why his influence is still doing

note Little John
'80's dancehall singer grows up 

music note Charles Lloyd
Socery at Monterey: "Forest Flower"

music noteFred Locks
Roots reggae/Black Star Liner

music note Bob Log III
Exotic blues hootnaney 

music noteLong Ryders
From Euro-fame to Miller beer ad

music noteTrini Lopez
His new revealing bio pic

music noteLostprophets
Welch Rockers Disgraced

music noteLotion
Pynchon-approved indie rock

music noteLene Lovich
Innovation in New Wave

music noteLobby Loyde/Ian Rilen
Aussie punk legends

music noteTom Lucas
R&B piano by a Lit professor

music noteMary Catherine Lunsford
70's folkie songstress

music noteMacArthur Park
Richard Harris & Donna Summer's suites

music noteShane MacGowan
Irish nationalist as balladeer

music noteSteve MacKay
RIP Stooges saxman

music noteAngus MacLise
The Velvet's forgotten avatar

music note Mad Caddies
Ska-licious fun 

music note Madlib
Hip hop's unseen medicine man 

music note Madonna
Yes, she does music too 

music note Magazine
Let There Be 2nd-Hand Daylight

music note Magic Magicians
Alt-rock mysteries

music note Magma
Greetings from Kobaia

music note Magma
Dissecting the Kobaian sound

music noteAhmed Malek
Peregrinations of Algerian film music

music noteMan Man
Loving 'Em Through Synesthesia

music note Manfred Mann
Do Wah Diddy days

music noteMan or Astroman?
Their secrets exposed

note Manic Street Preachers
Early Blaze of Glory

music noteGil Mantera
Having fun on a waterslide

music noteMarah
Philly roots band discovers Nam

music noteDavid Marks
South African songwriting

music noteBob Marley
Anniversary, legacy discussed & debated

music noteBob Marley
Bio excerpt & author interview

music noteBob Marley/The Wailers
Their under-rated 1973 album

music noteBob Marley/The Wailers
The story of "Trenchtown Rock"

music noteBob Marley
The meaining behind "Rat Race"

music noteBeryl Marsden
Mersey's Madame of R&B

note Mary Lee's Corvette
A Dylan fan's true love of adventure 

music noteMasada String Trio
Klezmazzical Ecstasy

music noteRichard Mason
Tales of an obsessive scribe

music noteMaterial Issue
Flawed power pop gems

note Berangere Maximin
French Punk Composer 

music noteMaximo Park
Romance & disconnect

music note Peter McCabe
'Hippie cosmic country' returns

music note Paul McCartney
Wild Life, Red Rose Speedway anyone?

music note Paul McCartney
Meet Weird Paul, of McCartney II

music note K. McCarty
Her own tribute to Daniel Johnston

music note Bill McGarvey
Classic pop singer-songwriter

music note Chris McGregor
Capetown Jazz

music note Freddie McKay
Rocksteady Soul

note John McLaughlin
How did Mahavishnu influence so many? 

music note Jackie McLean
The Blue Note years 

music note Grant McLennan
Tribute to the late Go-Between 

music note Paul McMahon
Singer, songwriter, Goddess worshipper 

music note Joe McPhee/Dominic Duval
The definition of honesty

music note MC5
Detroit's politico guitar army

note Medicine
American shoegaze

note Megadeth
Mustaine sells his soul

note Megan Thee Stallion
A love letter to Southern Women

note The Mekons Story
Lester Bangs' toast

note Hailu Mergia
Ethiopian keyboard legend rediscovered

note Metallica
The heart of 'One'

note Metal McDonald
Metal parody and the Munsters

note The Meters
Funk Hot Off the Cuff

note MF Doom
His collaborations- worst to best

music noteMi Ami
Electronic Ascension & Dance-Punk

music noteMicrodisney
Irish alt-pop

note Mike & the Ravens
Return of garage/surf legends 

note Phil Miller
Legend of prog guitar 

note Nicki Minaj
A Queen Stakes A Place in a Male Dominated World 

note Mind Driver
West Coast punk driving force 

note Mind Garage
60's Christian rock 

note Charlie Mingus
The '50's: The Underdog Rising 

note Charlie Mingus
Golden Years: 1960-1964

note Charlie Mingus
The '70's: The Taurus in Winter

note Sugar Minott
Toasting the dancehall master

note The Mint Chicks
NZ art-punks

note Misfits
Horror punk goes to the movies

note Missing Foundation
Punk anarchy NYC style

note Mission of Burma
Their return, 22 years later

note Mr. Bungle
Unclassifiable, ever-evolving 

note Joni Michell & Bob Dylan
Mid-70's heartbreak and anger  

note Modern Lovers
Despite all the amputations 

note Modern Lovers
An insider's story of their history 

note Modeselektor
On the Dancefloor Immerse 

note R. Stevie Moore
His glorious cult career

note Mofungo
NYC's secret weapon

note The Moldy Dogs
Pre-punk St. Louis legends

music note Monks of Doom
Camper Van project genius?

music noteMarilyn Monroe
The Sex Symbol's Sonic Secret 

music note Roy Montgomery
Kiwi guitar god appreciated

note Ennio Morricone
Redux of the soundtrack-composer

note Travis Morrison
Post-Dismembered life

note Van Morrison
How he reached his Wavelength

note Chuck Mosley
Keeping the Faith (No More)

note Mother's Finest
Name a great Black-female-led metal band

music noteM.O.T.O.
Enduring Garage-Punk

note Motley Crue
In defense of vice

note Motley Crue
Nikki Sixx a genius?

note Motorhead
How Lemmy Makes Grown Men Cry

note Mott the Hoople
Dudes carrying news, 30 years on

note Mr. Airplane Man
The romance of femme garage

note MRI
Farewell MicroHouse?

note Mr. and the Mrs.
Garage-psych duo

note Mr. T Experience
The no so 'Dumb Little Band'

note mr. sterile Assembly
NZ art-rock madness

note Muffins
Art-rock not new-wave

note Muslimgauze
The willful, beyond prolific Bryn Jones

note My Bloody Valentine
A personal observation

note Conlon Nancarrow
Personality & polyphony

note Napalm Death
Brits blasting Grindcore

music note Nas' Illmatic
Honoring A Masterpiece's Anniversary

note Mark Nauseef
Velvets, Post-Deep Purple & Thin Lizzy

note Nazareth
Scots still rock hard

note Nazz
Rundgren's early years

note Nazz
Rundgren's roots again

music noteThe Neighbourhood
Half a billion views in B&W

music noteFred Neil
60's folk archive find

music noteNeu!
Music for mind and pants

music noteNew Bomb Turks
The return of unapologetic rock

note Mickey Newbury
Songwriter's world of people alone

note New Order
How They Got Wrong Right 

note New York Rock & Roll Ensemble
Julliard band meets Greek composer 

note New Zion Trio
Spiritual Jazz meets Rasta 

music noteOlivia Newton-John
Unlikely sources and other people's hits

music note New York Dolls
Live w/ the Modern Lovers in '72

music note Phill Niblock
Is he the Anti-Cage?

note Nico
Who was this chanteuse? 

note Nicodemus
Reggae Dancehall DJ 

music note The Nields
Folkie femme duo feted

music note Nitty Gritty
Late Dancehall Singer

music noteNomeansno
File under ???

music noteMakoto Nomura
Composing with plants

music noteNot Even the TV
South African conceptual art

music noteNothing Records
Trent's industrial/techno haven

music noteThe Now Generation
Roots reggae backbone band

music noteNylon Union
Slovokian electro-lounge

music noteLaura Nyro
Folkie dreaming of a black Xmas

music noteOak Ridge Boys
Gospel, country hits & still alive

note Oblivians
Out of control in Memphis

note Obnox
Indie rock at war and peace

note Obscure '50's Rockers
Sam Phillip's hidden treasures & more

music noteThe Ocean Blue
Heavenly Indie Pop

music note Phil Ochs
When He's Gone- time & life

note Phil Ochs
50 fans can't be wrong

note Sinead O'Connor
RIP an Irish sacrificial lamb

note Odd Future
'I'd Be a Nihilist if...'

note The Offspring
Their rise and fall

music note Old Skull
Tragic Tale of Young Punks

music note Pauline Oliveros/Reynols
Composers stream their concert

note Bill Orcutt
Avant guitar blues

note Mary Margaret O'Hara
M.I.A. Singer-songwriter

note Olivia Tremor Control
In Dreams You Hear

note 101 Strings
The Fabs go easy listening

music noteYoko Ono
Her feminist catalog

music noteYoko Ono
Revisiting her Apple years

music noteOrange 9MM
Hardcore downright tragic fate

note Orbital
UK brothers' electro 

music noteThe Orwells
Taking over Disgraceland, USA

note Os Mutantes
Dois Mil E Um

music noteJohn Otway
Quirky UK Failure Invades NYC with Bio-pic

note Oum Kalthoum
The Golden Voice of Egypt

note Outkast
Andre and Big Boi in the ATL

note The Outsiders
Dutch treats

note Will Owsley
Guitarist journeys to gospel 

note Will Owsley
Tales of a Nashville purist 

note Will Owsley
Nashville rebel's adventures

note Will Owsley
Nashville skyline fading

note Will Owsley
Nashville original remembered

music note Paradise Lost
English death metal

music note Evan Parker
Packing Heat

music note Graham Parker
Sparks squeezing

music note Parker and Lily
An indie pop winter

music note Gram Parsons
Cosmic American Music

music note Gram Parsons
A Tale of Three Suicides

music note Harry Partch
the Sociology of Composition

music note The Passions
Post-punk grrl

music note Ed Pastorini
Art-punk recluse

music note Kenneth Patchen
A poet's jazzy moods 

note Charlie Patton
In search of legend & legacy

music note Pavement
Lies and betrayals no more 

music note Johnny Paycheck
Country rebel with a cause 

music note Annette Peacock
Avant diva 

music note Pearl Harbour
Rockabilly new-wave mama 

music note Peasall
Christian girls rock 

music note John Peel
The adored late DJ 

music note Pee Shy
Why hold back the alternarock phenom? 

music note Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Simon Jeffes' imaginary folklore 

music note Peevish
Loose collective performance art 

music note Art & Laurie Pepper
Their complex love affair 

music note Ivo Perelman
Jews Too Get the Blues

note Perfume Genius
Indie pop brings senses alive 

music note Carlos Peron
Life after Yello

music noteKaty Perry
A Fan Letter About God 

music note Lee Scratch Perry
Let us now praise mad men

music note Personality Crisis
Winnipeg Punk Underdogs

music noteGretchen Peters
Country-folk show and tell

music notePetit Biscuit
How a dance hit became a personal anthem

music note Madeleine Peyroux
What happened to the chanteuse?

music note P-Funk
Signifyin(g) words & music

music noteLiz Phair
Phair Without Fear 

music notePhife Dawg
A Tribe no more

music note Pinebender
Drudge rocking with splinters 

music note Pink Floyd
Obscured by their dark side 

music note Pink Reason
DIY shoegaze & bad vodka 

music note Connie Plank
Book excerpt- toasting the kraurock pioneer 

music note Plastic People of the Universe
Book excerpt: Czech rebels rules 

music note Pleasure Seekers
The Quatro sisters rock 

music note Robert Pollard
His solo years 

music note Cleve Pozar
jazz/rap percussion 

music note The Plastic People of the Universe
Eurock's greatest band

music note The Pogues
Irish Soul Stew

music note Poison
Hair Metal as your last-chance date

music note Pontiac Brothers
A story of bar-band glory 

music note The Pop Group
They are time

music note Popul Vuh
Blissful Kosmische music

music note Bud Powell
Mad genius of bebop

music note Elvis Presley
Is For Everyone! really for everyone?

music note Primus
Oddball career of oddball alt's

music note Mark Price
RIP Tin Huey man

music notePrince
The Paisley One Post-1999 

music notePrincess Tinymeat
Irish genre-bending punks 

music note Prince Far I
Reggae's 'voice of thunder'

music note John Prine
Greatest living singer/songwriter?

music note Professor and Maryann
Hyperpop Life and Irregular Times

music note PJ Proby
Canny folk duo, not the sitcom

music notePublic Image Limited
He (Still) Means It, Man

music note Quarter After
Part of the neo-psych revolution

music note Suzi Quatro
Proto-punk and grrl

music note Queensrÿche
Protest metal

music noteTerry Radigan
Country songwriter's divine debut

music note Radiohead
In Rainbows 10 years on

music note Tom Rapp
American troubadour

music note Nathaniel Rateliff
Soul swagger

music note Red Crayola/Krayola
From psych to post-punk 

music note Red Crayola
Their debut = masterpiece?  

music note Red Crayola
Details of their mad debut  

music note Red Crayola
Their 2nd album -> them as post-punk forefathers  

music note Red Dog Saloon
60's West Coast history 

music note Ishmael Reed
Poet goes musical 

music note Lou Reed
His forgotten unloved albums 

music note Lou Reed/Metallica
Art-Metal classic pairing? 

music note The Reels
Aussie New Wave/Adult Pop 

music note The Residents
Aussie New Wave/Adult Pop 

music note Dave Reeves
Ballad of a Folk-Poet & Ranter

music note Hans Reichel
RIP guitarist/inventor 

music noteRelativity Records
From Indie to Metal to Rap

music note The Replacements
A live remembrance 

music note Tara Rez
The punk Patsy Cline?  

music note Emitt Rhodes
Pop wunderkind 

music note Marc Ribot & Nels Cline
Two avant guitar gawds 

music note Amy Rigby
'I gotta rock'

music note Sam Rivers
Book excerpt- jazz loft legend chronicled

music note Terry Riley
His middle years

music note Johnny Rivers
Rocker goes folk

music note Dean Roberts
New Zealand guitar fragments 

music note Rocket From the Tombs
The origins of mid-west punk

music noteAmalia Rodrigues
Queen of Portuguese fado

music note Rolling Stones
What's to love about 'em now?

music note Linda Ronstadt
Nice girls finish first?

music noteRoot Boy Slim
American Phemom- 'Pardon My Spew'

music note Roots Manuva
Blunts & crumpets- British hip-hop

music note Roots Reggae Lives
Mikey General & Lehbanchuleh 

note Pete Ross
Punk goard/banjo maker 

music note Dexter Romweber
Still looking for Honky Tonk Heaven

music note Frankie Rose
Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls solo

music note Rossyln Mountain Boys
'Rockabilly roots-rock' 

note Royal Trux
Destructive Cultural Force 

music note Royal Trux
Rant/meditation on savage garage punk 

music note Ruby Suns
NZ indie pop delight 

music note Ursula Rucker
hip-hop jazz poetry 

music note Dane Rudhyar
Ultramodernist composer/polymath 

music note Dane Rudhyar
Dissonant harmony composer 

music note Dane Rudhyar
Dissonant Harmony in Practice 

music noteRumba Bajura
Their flowing Caribbean rhythms

music note The Runaways
Neon angels & pre-punk mamas 

music noteTodd Rundgren/Utopia
Existential Pop Unease

music note Leon Russell
The roots of his roots music 

music note Terje Rypdal
Prog's most overlooked guitarist 

music note Saigon Kick
Flordia metal- love's on the way

music note The Saints
More sinned against than sinning

music note Ryuichi Sakamoto

note Salem
Goth wave, substance or hype? 

music note Pharoah Sanders
RIP the celestial jazz legend

music note Erik Satie
Philip Corner goes slowly

music note Savage Republic
Art-punk history

music note The Sex Pistols' Great Swindle
Who's laughing now?

music note Pierre Scaruffi
Rock crit's sophisticated ignoramus 

note Pierre Schaffer
His Creative Agony 

note Pierre Schaffer
Reading his Journals 

music noteGunter Schickert
Krautrock Guitar Ecstasy

music note The Chris Schlarb

music note Conrad Schnitzler
70 years of krautrock anarchism

music note Klaus Schulze
70's kosmische heaven

music note Klaus Schulze
Remembering the great German electronics guru

music note Raymond Scott
Bugs Bunny's Stealth Futurism

music note Screamers
Forgotten L.A. punks

music note Screeching Weasel
R.I.P. rock'n'roll auteurs

music note Alexander Scriabin
Synesthesia's Mystic Chord

music note Scritti/Bicycles
Desperate Politti

music note Scruffy & the Janitors
Garage blues expose

music note The Scruffs
Wanna meet a great pop band?

music note Selena
Her Chicana aspirations

music note September 67
Femme indie folk rockers

music note Sevda
Turk/Swede jazz

music note The Seventh Sons
'60's hybrid of blues/rock/raga

music note The Seventh Sons
'60's raga rock pioneers, Part II

music note Sex Pistols
The case for Steve Jones

music note The Shaggs
Incompetence as a pure virtue 

music note Del Shannon
Making the case for a bio pic 

note Shaq's Rap Career
Unintentionally Funny

music noteSandie Shaw
Swinging 60's UK pop, barefoot

music noteSam Shepard
Peter Stampfel tribute

music noteSam Shepard
Peter Stampfel tribute, Part II

music noteSam Shepard
Peter Stampfel tribute, Part III

music noteShifty Records
South African underground

music noteThe Shirelles
Girl group heaven

music noteShirley Temple of Doom
Name that (non-metal) tune

music noteShoes
Part 1 of their power pop history

music noteShoes
Indie power pop vs. the Knack

music notePaul Siebel
Not just folk!

music noteSilver Jews
Musings and thoughts of David B

music noteSimply Saucer
Canadian psychedelica

music note Sightings
Come on feel the New York noise

note Nina Simone
Her Legacy Evolves 

note Sin 34
Not your father's hardcore punk 

note Sina
Teen drummer teacher 

music note On Artistry and Sinatra
Why he's such a lovable cad

music note Frank Sinatra
Life with the Rat Pack

music note Justin Sinkovich
Indie rocker/entrepreneur

music note Sinn Sisamouth
The Golden Voice of Cambodia 

music note Skindred
Punks reach for Babylon

music note Slits
Atypical punk girls

music note Slits II
Stalking their reunion

music note The Slits return
Vivien Goldman talks of their reunion record

music note Slobberbone
They're an Americana band

music note Slow/Tankhog
Proto-grunge tribute

music note Smashing Pumpkins
Pisces Iscariot: 20 Years On

music note Smashing Pumpkins
Their Decline/Fall

music note Smiley Culture
Reggae star's untimely death

music note Harry Smith
Stampfel, Fahey, Ginsberg pay tribute

music note Mark E. Smith
Fiction- meeting Stan Lee, Mingus

music note Wadada Leo Smith Smith
5 jazz improvs examined

music note Sneakers
70's indie rock from NC to NYC

music note Sneaky Feelings
The Flying Nun/NZ Sound

music note Soft Machine
Their pataphysical beginnings

music note Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation reconsidered

music noteSonic Youth
Their live catalog rated

music note Soulwax
Stoner rock to EDM and back

music noteSound Explosion
Greek garage rock rules

music noteSoundpool
Their shoegazing universe

music note Epic Soundtracks

music note Britney Spears
Why she won't go away

music note John Speck
Pop-Punk man of many shades

music note Spinvis
Quintessential Neder-pop album

music note Spiral Jetty
Hoboken's class of the 80's

music note Phil Spector
The mad director's greatest hits

music note Phil Spector
Teen dramas analyzed

music note Spencer Davis Group
With/out Stevie Winwood

music note Regina Spektor
Soviet folk genius?

music note Spirit
Their top 1- psych, rock, prog

music note Bruce Springsteen
"Born to Run" dissected

music note Squirrels
Tongue-in-cheek pop

music noteRingo Starr
Damn Right He Was The Drummer 

music note Jack Starr & Ron Haydock
Of rockabilly & B-movie obscurity

note Static-X
Starting A Nu-Metal War 

note Steamhammer
Classic blues/prog-rock remembered 

music note Alison Steele
The First Lady of Rock

music note Steel Pulse
UK reggae fever

music note Gary Stewart
Little Junior, King of the Honky Tonks

music note Stone Temple Pilots
Revisiting their debut

music note Stockhausen
Holger Czukay toasts his former teacher

music note The Stooges
Greatest rock band ever?

music note Peter Straker
Theatrical Rock, cabaret w/ pathos, passion

music note The Stranglers
Memoirs of a roughneck fan

music note Syd Straw
More than just a pretty voice

music note Barbara Streisand
Her hip early '70's persona

music note String Driven Thing
Scotland's fierce drone-rockers

music note The Strollers
Swedish garagers stroll on

note Sublime
Just a Dad, Playing His Songs

music note Subway Sect
Lovable early punk yobs

music note Suicide
2nd Album Detailed- Book Excerpt

music note Sun City Girls
Laundry Is Such Bad Karma

music note Sun Ra
John Szwed talks about his bio of Ra

music note Sun Ra
His Intergalactic Harmonies

music note Sun Ra
The Ultimate Guide, Part 1

music note Supreme Dicks
Indie psych perfection

music note Swans
Extreme emotional drama

music note Matthew Sweet
Power Pop Transcendence

music note Swell Maps
'Yer slavish little conscious'

music note Taylor Swift
Her growth into 'Folklore'

music note Stryper
Don't knock Christian rock/metal

music note Masayuki Takayanagi
Free jazz guitar antics

music note Lauren Talley
Gospel guiding light

music note Margaret Leng Tan
Avant toy piano

music note Chip Taylor
"Wild Thing" writer considers all living things

music note Cecil Taylor
RIP jazz revolutionary

music note Hound Dog Taylor
Wild Alligator tales

music noteTelephone
The First French Band That Mattered 

music note Television
Notes from the early years

music note Television Personalities
Forget the post-punk shambles

music note Tenor Saw
Dancehall legend

music note Takeshi Terauchi
Remembering the unique Japanese guitarist

note Third World
Reggae history - revolution connection 

note Thirsty Ear
The Blue Series' Mash-Up 

note This Is Not This Heat
Their post-punk (non) reunion 

music noteThis Picture
Great undiscovered Brit Rock

music note Bob Thompson
Ode to 1000 TV jingles

music note Richard Thompson
Folk's great guitarist/songsmith

music note Henry Threadgill
Jazz pioneer/composer/genre bender

music note 3 LB. Thrill/Uncle Green
Lost power pop now found

music noteSteve Tibbetts
Guitarist retrospective & interview

music noteTier 3
RIP another NYC venue

music noteTimbaland
How Master Beats Happen

note Keith Tippett
RIP- Unique UK piano drama 

music note To Live and Shave In L.A.
Anti-art's oral fixation

music note Tomicks
Marketing a non-indie indie band

music note Tomita
Prog-classical electronic master

music note Tool
Is Fear Inoculum a real comeback? 

music note Tool
Metal's thinking band? 

music note Toots & the Maytals
Reggae pioneer- tribute, photos, videos 

music note Peter Tosh
His Wailers years

music note Peter Tosh
Post-Wailers years

music note Peter Tosh
Mystic Man revisted

music note Total Shutdown
Neo no wave?

music note Touch
The best psych never heard?

music note Ralph Towner
Waltzing through Oregon

music note Ralph Towner II
Sergovia's mutant brother

music note Ralph Towner III
Last chapter of the guitar legend (so far)

music note T. Rex
The Slider Glies

music note Triffids
Sweet Aussie indie pop

music note Matthew Trippe
Motley Crue's secret member

music note Matthew Trippe
post-Motley Crue years

music note Matthew Trippe
Motley Crue's Double Fantasy

music note Matthew Trippe
Motley Crue's doppleganger strived

music note Matthew Trippe
Motley Crue member hits rock botttom

music note Matthew Trippe
Motley Crue member's final stop

music noteTrouble
Doom Metal Pioneers

music note Trouser Press
The legendary rock zine

music note Gianluigi Trovesi
Italian jazz & beyond

music note Trunk Records
Feasting on obscure greats

music note Dwight Twilley
Power popper's early years

music note Twin Peaks
Its musical legacy

music note McCoy Tyner
Jazz legend does Baharach

music note June Tyson
Sun Ra singer soared

music note Ugly Club
Brooklyn pysch-dance

music note Ultravox
Systemic (New) Romantics

music note United Vibrations
Afro-Punk Aristocrats

music note Univers Zero
Gothic Rock-in-Opposition?

music noteNick Urata
Devotchka and Soundtracks

music note Urge Overkill
Style vs. substance

music note The Urinals
Pure Negative Capability

music note U-Roy
Toasting the last Jamaican toaster

music note U.S. Maple
Organized anarchy?

music note U.S. Maple
Deconstructing Their Vocal Acrobatics

music note Van Der Graaf Generator
Quintessential prog?

music note Van Halen
The Hagar years revisted

music note Townes Van Zandt
The Lone Star legend remembered

music note Townes Van Zandt
An old buddy tells road stories

music note Laura Veirs
Folkie's choicest cuts

music note Veldt
Black shoegaze is a reality 

music note Enno Velthuys
Dutch cassette underground

music note The Verlaines
Their hazy NZ music

note The Velvet Underground
Bio excerpt- the band meets Warhol's Factory 

note Marlene Verplanck
Jazz Singer 60 Years On 

note The Verve
Lights from paradise 

music note Vibracathedral Orchestra
Kitchen droning with the U.K.'s finest

music note Vietnam Veterans
A french band, not war heros

music note Vintage Violence
DC punk zine remembered

music note Violent Femmes
Sweet Misery Blues

music note Andrew Violette
Postmodern 'Neo-romantic minimalism' 

music note The Virgin Prunes/a>
Irish performance art, not goth...

music note Vivian Girls
Male feminists opine

music note Void
Dischord's Secret Weapon?

music note Volcanoless
An unplugged Canadian blast

note Voltaire
Goth spokesman 

music note Vulgar Boatmen
Perfect pop for indie people

music note Wailing Souls
The suspense of roots reggae

music note The Waitresses
Main Courses & Greasy Spoons

music note Tom Waits
Exclusive bio excerpt

music note The Walkabouts
Seattle's best-kept secret

music note The Walkabouts
Roots rock meets lounge

music note Junior Walker
"Shotgun" & Beyond

music note Lopez Walker
Mysterious reggae star

note Scott Walker
Avant singer 'soused' with Sunn O))) 

note Scott Walker
Cinematic electronic music 

note Ed Ward
RIP to a great, frustrating/frustrated scribe 

note The Warning
Hard rock girls conquer Ellen, video games 

note Dee Dee Warwick
Lost soul sister 

music note W.A.S.P.
Method to their metal madness

music noteWeapon of Choice
Nutmeg funk rising

music note Bunny Wailer
The 'forgotten' Wailer?

music noteBunny Wailer
RIP, the last Wailer singer

music note Scott Weiland
How He Failed & What We Lost

note Patty Waters
What is the color when black is burned?

note Wax Trax! Records
Industrial film bio

note WHFS
Baltimore radio remembered

note John Wetton-Greg Lake
RIP 2 great prog bassist/singers

note Ben Watson
Radio Marxism

note Steve Weber
Rounder remembered by Stampfel & others

music note White Trash Clan
Staten Island Rap's Drug Problem

music note Doug Wieselman
Everyone's fave sax sideman

music note Wilco
Balancing art, sanity & conventions

music noteWildhearts
Hard Rock Triumph & Survival

music note Wild Stares
Boston indie-style

music note Baby Face Willette
Jazz Hammond heavyweight

music note Andre Williams
History and the R&B hustler

music note Davey Williams
Tribute to a guitar marvel

music note Jason  D. Williams
Jerry Lee's doppleganger?

music note Ralph Williams
NYC underground sax

music note Victoria Williams
A folkie who loves you

note Butch Willis
Wildman rocker's aesthetic 

music note Carl Wilson
Surf in peace

music note WKHR
Ohio radio big band radio

music note Wolfmother
Learning to love stoner rock

music noteLorraine Wood
Haunting Brit Folkie Voice

music note Reggie Workman
Portrait of a jazz master/teacher

music note Hawksley Workman
A delicious Canadian world

music note Link Wray
His strange, sad story

music note Wreckless Eric
Stiffs Live & Amy Rigby tour

music note Wreckless Eric
Follow-up with Amy Rigby

music note Stomu Yamash'ta
Percussion, fusion & soundtracks

music note Yanni
Why you'll take him seriously

music note Yellowman
Inna dancehall style

music note Kristeen Young
High art & drama

music note Young Marble Giants
The resurrection of...

music note Neil Young in the 90's
Straighten up and fly right?

note Frank Zappa
his instrumental high-point 

note Frank Zappa
Digital Music Pioneer

note Marta Zapparoli
Experimental sounds via Berlin

music note Lena Zavaroni
Alternative UK pop

music note Tom Ze
Wild Tropicalista

music note The Zombies
Their early years

music note The Zombies
Classiest of the Mods

note John Zorn
Deciphering the Book of Angel series 

note Zowie Fenderblast
Punk philosopher, Anti-Christ 


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