Perfect Sound Forever


music note 9353
Complex DC Hardcore

music note Acid Mothers Temple
The outest in Japanese psych

music noteJohn Acquaviva
Making DJ'ing an artform?

music noteKing Sunny Ade
King of Juju music

music noteFady Adel
Egyptian journalist-director on MENA music

music note Afrika Bambaataa
The Godfather raps

music note Agitation Free
Komische legends

music note Agitation Free
More of the Komische legends

music noteAir Liquide
Dr. Walker is in

music note Viv Albertine
Slits solo

music note Terry Allen
Panhandle multi-media

music note All Them Witches
Solid juju psych

music note Alternative TV
Mark Perry's action, time & vision

music note Oren Ambarchi
The guitar explorer

music note Amon Duul II
Komische legends- John Weinzierl speaks

music note The Ampersands
Putting the art into pop

music note Angels of Light
Michael Gira confesses again

music note Angry Somoans
Punk's REALLY BAD boys

music note Antietam
Tara Key talks art & academics

music note Antlered Man
Savage, primal indie noise

music note Giovanni Antognozzi
Italian underground music maven

music note Aphex Twin
A kinder, gentler Mr. James

music note Archers of Loaf
Greatest of all time?

music note Archers of Loaf
Matt Gentling speaks

music note Ron Asheton
Revenge of the Stooges' guitarist

music note Robert Ashley
Modern (TV) opera master

music note Ass Ponys
Chuck Cleaver reminisces

music note Audiovent
'90's hard rock revisited

music note Brian Auger
Jazz/soul organist extraordinaire

music note Au Pairs
Post-punk feminism

music note Kevin Ayers
Cantebury tales

music note Kevin Ayers
Fairground adventures

music note Bad Religion
Bobby Schayer gets religion

music note David Baerwald
Half of David & David talks

music note Aidan Baker
Ambient master

music note Jessica Bailiff
Drone, shoegaze chanteuse

music note Lester Bangs
The final interview

music note Llorenc Barber
Avant garde bells of Spain

music note Barclay James Harvest
Robert John Godfrey speaks

music note Devandra Banhart
Interview about 'freak folk'

music note Jim Basnight
Power pop legend

music note The Bats
Robert Scott's belfry

music note The Bee Gees
60's member Vince Melouney talks of the early days

music note John Leighton Beezer
Improv guitar & web visionary

music note Belltowers
Folk-rock lives!

music note David Behrman
Electronic music pioneer

music note Peter Bell
An oral history of Ten Ten

music note Steve Bemand
Psych-Punk/Space Rock

music note David Berman
From Silver to Purple (Mnts)- RIP

music note Tim Berne
The Miniature Big Satan

music note Larry Beckett
Tim Buckley's songwriting partner

music note Bevis Frond
Men of the Moment

music note Big Brother/Holding Co.
Sam Andrew interview

music note Big Star
Jody Stephens tells all

music note Birchville Cat Motel
Black Flag plays Music for Airports

music note Doug Birdzell
Hardcore punk/funk interview

music note Martin Bisi
Brooklyn wolf isn't just a producer

music note Black Sabbath
Geezer Butler talks bass style

music noteBlake Babies
Jangly 80's alt-rock

music noteBlind Melon
A mouthful of cavities

music note Olivia Block
Enviro-sounds & field recordings 

music note Rory Block
The soul of acoustic blues

music note Blue Cheer
Still shronking

music note Blue Coupe
Alice Cooper Band Meets BOC

music note Cristiano Bocci
Composer adds his math

music noteBomb
San Fran arty punks

music noteBomb
Jay Crawford's explosive details

music note The Bonde
Next big thing tells all

music note Borbetomagus
Jim Sauter blows it

music note Bonzo Dog Band
Lovely Brit loonies 

music note The Boogers
Punk music for the kiddies

music note Scott Booker
Flaming Lips manager schools 

music note Boy Eats Drum Machine
Turntablism & vinyl culture 

music note Brad
True grunge fiction 

music note Bobby Braddock
Country songwriting legend 

music note Martin Bramah
The Fall co-founder and Blue Orchids honcho 

music note Bruce Brand
Mungo Jerry, Headcoats and more 

music note Bratmobile
Grrl power lives 

music note patrick brennan
jazz composing in lower case 

music note patrick brennan
Saxist/composer considers musical structure 

music note Terry Brooks
Psych guitar returns 

music note Built to Spill
Brett Nelson's 18-year temp gig

music note Vashti Bunyan
Folkie whose time has finally come 

music note Burning Spear
The spiritual rootsman of reggae

music note RL Burnside
Bad-ass blues

music note Buzzcocks
Steve Diggle speaks 

music note Buzzcocks
Steve Diggle on a post-Shelley world 

music noteNick Cain
New Zealand noise

music noteJohn Cale
The legendary Hobosapien

music noteCamera Obscura
Aussie label is psyched

music noteNeil Campbell
Makes a noiseful joy

music noteCamper Van Beethoven
Greg Lisher decodes their oddness

music noteNini Camps
Miami/NYC slide guitar troubador

music noteMarc Cantlin
Jazz funk weirdness

music noteJoe Carducci
Rock & the Pop Narcotic '99

music noteCargoe
Power pop cult returns

music noteCaribou
Secrets of Folktronica

music noteDaniel Carlson
Dreamy pop from a Carpenters' fan

music noteCarlton Melton
Cali drones & domes

music noteNeko Case
Thrice All American

music noteCaufields
Delaware alt-rock

music noteExene Cervenka
X frontwoman solo

music note Eugene Chadbourne
Extensive look at his country roots

music noteChanging Horses
Dramatic English folk(ie)s

music noteSharon Cheslow
Punk author & zinester

music noteThe Chills
Stand by for Martin Phillipps

music noteChorchazade
Gorgeous rock weirdness

music noteRobert Christgau
Talkin' Post-Modern Blues

music noteChubbies
American Swagger

music note Chuck D
Public Enemy goes online

music note Clinic
The only British band which matters?

music note The Clovers
Doo-wop legends

music note Coffin Break
Grunge unknowns

music noteColdcut
Turntable terrorists

music noteByron Coley
Forcing his exposure

music noteAaron Collins
White Trash, white funk

music notePaul Collins
Power pop prince

music noteCommon Prayer
How the Mundane Became Psychedelic

music noteTommy Coomes
Chrisitan rock pioneer

music noteCopernicus
Visionary? Seer? Madman?

music noteChris Corsano
A drummer's free form world

music noteMirio Cosottini
Composer's sound of silence

music noteMirio Cosottini
More of a composer's silence

music noteJonathan Coulton
Not your average (indie) rockstar

music noteCosey Fanni Tutti
The return of the Wrecker of Civilization

music noteKevin Coyne
His case history in living black & white

music noteCrass
Anarchy in the UK

music noteCrazy Horse
Drummer Ralph Molina on Neil's history

music noteCrime
San Fran punk outlaws

music noteCuneiform Records
Label founder interview

music noteCul de Sac
Epiphanies from Glenn Jones

music note Bob Cutler
Kansas/Midwest punk up close

music note Bob Cutler
Amazing tales of Midwest punk

music note Bob Cutler
Gay punk alienation

music note Bob Cutler
D.O.A. encounters, punk hockey games

music note Chris Cutler
ReR/Recommended chief & more

music note Chris Cutler
Probing his Probes program

music note Holger Czukay
the Can man

music note Chris D.
from Flesh Eaters to Divine Horsemen and beyond

music noteDandelion
'90's grunge revisted

music noteThe Daugthers
Boston Band's Years With Johnny Thunders

music note Alan Davey

music note Matt De Gennaro and Alastair Galbraith
Wired for sound

music note Jim DeRogatis
R. Kelly and our failure

music noteDelta 5
Ros Allen minds her business

music noteDelta Rhythm Boys
The daddies of doo-wop? 

music noteFrans de Waard
Ambient, zines & the record industry 

music note Brian Dewan
artist/musician/Kangeroo fan

music note DJ Spooky
The master of illbient

music note Dictators
Andy Shernoff dictates

music note Jim Dickinson
Dixie Fried tales of Stones, Dylan

music note Bo Diddley
Rock and roll legend with the big beat

music note Nick Didkovsky
Metal intellect

music note Die Kreuzen
Spirit of Milwaukee

music note Dion
...gets the blues

music note Dissidenten
From krautrock to Turkish fusion

music note Dirty Three
Instrumentally Aussie

music note DJ Dus
Cumbia turntablist

music note D.O.A.
Canada hardcore lives

music note Doctors of Madness
Glam, proto-punk

music note The Dodos
Arty pop as freak folk

music note John Doe
Ex-X mines the blues

music note Oliver Doerell
Electro-acoustic composer does 'fumbletronics'

music note The Donnas
Still Rock and Roll machines

music note Bob Drake
From avant to gangsta rap

music note Dramarama
NJ scenario for anything

music note Dream Theater
When dreams and corporations unite

music note Drive-By Truckers
Jason Isbell- Dirty south revealed

music note Dr. T
Electronic wizard interrogated

music note Kevin Drumm
New levels of guitaristics

music note Chuck Dukowski
Former Blag Flag

music note Iancu Dumitrescu
Romanian phenomenology

music note Dominic Duval
The Sound of the Birds

music note The Earons
Mystery Dance revealed

music note Easter
Manchester drone power

music note East River Pipe
Real pop underground

music note Heather Eatman
Real life singer/songwriter

music note Heather Eatman
Her further adventures

music note Rob Echeverria

music note Chuck Eddy
Rock scribe hashing out country, metal, pop acts

music note Einstruzende Neubauten
Alexander Hacke speaks

music note Mark Eitzel
American Music Club's Divisible Man 

music note Electrelane
Sensitive feminist rock

music note Electric Moon
Krautrock Revival

music note Leif Elggren
The artistry of sound art

music note Nancy Elizabeth
UK folk tales

music note Eric and the Norsemen
Garage Rock from the Icy North

music note Essential Logic
Femme post-punk legend speaks

music note Eugenius
Post-Vaselines; interview with Gordon Keen

music note Eurock
Prog-rock magazine/radio

music note Eve's Plum
'90's grungy pop
The return of Lora Logic

music note The Ex
Dutch punk treats

music note The Ex
Another anarchist interrogation

music note Exene
X marks her spot- 2 interviews

music note John Fahey
Revenant & accounted for

music note John Fahey
Book excerpt- JF on religion

music note Faith & the Muse
Cinematic dark rock

music note Don Falcone
Space Rock/Psych

music note The Fall
Their final line-up (minus MES)

music note Family
Roger Chapman is Fearless

music note Michael Farneti
Oddball '70's soft rock revival

music note Mick Farren
Still a deviant

music note Larry Fast
Following the electron path

music note Faust
Zappi constructs their odd history

music note The Feelies
A great band that never went away

music note Beatriz Ferreyra
Argentinean-French avant

music note Fighting Gravity
Richmond VA Ska

music note Danny Fields
Stooges/MC5/Ramones patron

music note Firesign Theatre
Stooges/MC5/Ramones patron

music note Flamin' Groovies
Cyril Jordan speaks

music note Flash
In & out of the commercial pan

music note Foetus
Jim Thirwell gets pre-natal

music note For Squirrels
90s alt rock redux

music noteRobert Forster

music note Dallas Frazier

music note Freedom Singers
Civil Rights music

music note Peter French
Atomic Rooster, Cactus pedigree

music note Freeze & Cindytalk
Early UK punk goes goth

music note Robert Fripp
The King of Crimson

music note Simon Frith
Pop music philosophy

music note Fugazi
Ian straight up

music note The Fugs
Beat generation rock stars

music noteGang of Four
Andy Gill confesses 

music note Gang of Four
Still funky, still Influential in 2022- Hugo and Jon confess

music noteChris Gantry
Country maverick 

music noteKyle Gann
Chronicler & creator of modern classical 

music note Charles Gayle
Shakes the Clown gets religion  40 width=30 align=LEFT> Luca Gazzi
Percussive composer 

music note Michael Gira
Young God and Swan 

music note Githead
Wire/Scanner collaboration 

music note Gizmos
Midwest punk origins 

music note Danny Goldberg
Manager's perspective 

music note Marshall Grant
Johnny Cash's bass man

music note Gravity Kills
Jeff Scheel is (not) guilty

music note Dick Griffin
Trombone extraordinaire

music note The Grifters
Memphis blues again

music note Parker Griggs
Before It Burns- Psych Rock Guitar

music noteDavid Grubbs
Solo life after Gastr

music note Mats Gustafsson
Mad sax and record collecting

music noteHackedpicciotto
The band that would be king

music noteHalf Japanese
Love Parade meets Neubauten

music noteTom T. Hall
The storyteller tells his story

music note Butch Hancock
Cosmic cowboy

music note Wayne Hancock
He's a honky-tonk man

music note Peter Hammill
Van Der and beyond

music note Peter Hammill
Van Der and beyond

music note HAPPILESS
Indie pop duo

music note Harmonia
Roedelius remembers Moebius

music note Jody Harris

music note Grant Hart
Post-Du interview

music note Grant Hart
Post-Du interview, Part Deux

music note Annie Haslam
Renaissance design, art

music note Annie Haslam
More Renaissance

music note Jon Hassell
It's a fourth world after all

music noteTahoma Hauptman
Northwest Jazz Math

music noteCharles Hayward
This heated interrogation

music noteJoseph Hazelwood
From blues to old-timey

music note Tom Heasley
True tales of ambient tuba

music note Richard Hell
The original punk poet

music note Helmet
Co-founder Peter Mengede hard-hats it

music note Michael C. Heller
Loft jazz lives

music note Jimmy Herring
Jam band pervasive

music note Kristin Hersh
Once a Muse, now a 50 Ft Wave

music note Richard X. Heyman
Wacky interview

music note Gary Higgins
Psychedelic re-emergence

music note Tony Hill
High Tide for a psych legend

music note Teenie Hodges
Hi Rhythm ace speaks

music note Guy Hoffman
Femmes drummer adds it up

music note Randy Holden
'60's Great Lost Guitar Hero?

music note Randy Holden
The further adventures of a '60's legend

music note Jake Holmes
Dazed and confused: the saga 

music note Peter Holsapple
A Continental Drift from the dB's

music note William Hooker
Master drummer

music note Hot Hot Heat
Victoria's best kept secret (no longer)

music note HOZAC Records
Power pop, synth-punk, archival & filth

music noteHumbird
Folk-pop goes jazz & electronica 

music note Andy Hummel
Life after Big Star

music note Michael Hurley
Calling Doc Snock

music note Stuart Hyatt
Field recording master

music note Icarus Line
L.A. Post-Hardcore Blues

music note The Iguanas
Tex-Mex roots bliss

music noteInsect Surfers
Later Day Surf Music Via D.C.

music notePat Irwin
Raybeats, no wave and cartoon music

music note Ipecac
Mike Patton's wooly label

music noteGregory Jacobsen
Crazed art, crazed music 

music noteJames Gang
Jim Fox interview

music note Bert Jansch

music note Joseph Jarman
Martial Arts Ensmeble?

music note Long Tall Jefferson
Swiss folkie

music note Ty Jeffries
Meet Hope Springs- Drag Performer Extraordinaire

music note Jennifer Gentle
Italy exports drone-rock 

music note Dana Jessen
Bassoon virtuoso

music note David Johansen
Of Dolls and Pointdexter

music note Linton Kwesi Johnson
Thoughts of the dub poet

music note JP Jones
Folkie legend not LedZep

music note Tom Johnson
Minimalism explained?

music note Phillip Johnston
Microscopic interview

music note Kim Jordan
Gil Scott-Heron's music maker

music note Joy of Cooking
women rock in the '70's

music note Judybats
Knoxville alt-rock

music note Jeff Jupiter
Tales of an Austin DJ

music note Kalahari Surfers
South African protest

music note Eyvind Kang
Violinist gets political & philosophical

music note Elmo Karjalainene
Finnish guitar virtuoso

music note Kevin Kastning
Classical hybrid acoustic guitar

music note Kevin Kastning, Part II
Guitar techniques & philosophy

music note Kasvot Vaxt
Iceland's greatest mystery?

music note Lenny Kaye
CBGB reminiscing

music note Tim Kerr
Austin's Big Boys

music note Kill Rock Stars
Punk/grrl herstory

music note Kaki King
Colors, music, senses

music note Tony Kinman
Dils, Rank and File

music note Kinsey Sicks
Dragapella Beauty Shop Quartet

music note Klaatu
70s psychedelic pop

music note Kleenex/Liliput
Swiss misses

music note Terry Knight
Grand Funk man

music note Greg Kot
Chicago rocks

music note Jon Langford
Indie gadfly interrogated

music note Last Harbour
Sad, beautiful music with tragedy

music note Last Poets
The original rappers

music note Peter Laughner/Adele Bertei
Bertei book on Ubu founder

music note Legendary Pink Dots
Ka-Spel's chemical playschool

music note Jon Leidecker
Mischievous collages via Negativland

music note Keith Levene
Return of a Public Image

music note Geoff Leigh
UK jazz, Henry Cow co-founder

music note Alan Licht
Guitar and pen

music note Tiffany Lin
Prepared pianos & toy pianos

music note Arto Lindsay
Shronk and samba

music noteRichard Lloyd
Tune in for the interview

music noteLonelady
Femme post-punk revival

music noteRoy Loney
Still flamin' and groovy

music noteLo Pro
Hard Rock Heaven

music note Loud Family
Scott Miller's Crossing

music noteLoud Lucy
'90's Midwest Alt-Rock remembered

music note Lene Lovich
New wave icon

music note Low Cut Connie
Rock and roll maturity

music noteLydia Lunch
Dr. Lunch's cure for happiness

music noteWalter Lure
Heartbreaker still

music noteJohn Lurie
Post-Lounge Lizards

music noteTeo Macero
Using the studio as instrument

music noteBryan MacLean
The Love man's last interview 

music note Magazine
Devoto tells all

music note Barbara Manning
From slugger to firewoman

music note Michael Mantler
Trumpeter, bandleader, composer

music note Thomas Mapfumo/Banning Eyre
On a Zimbabwe music legend

music note Marah
Philly boys make good

music note Christian Marclay
Lo-fi wheels of steel

music note Greil Marcus
Rocky politics

music note Greil Marcus II
Folklore and politics

music note Ingram Marshall
Electronic music, no tropes 

music note Dom Mariani
Aussie Power Pop

music note Carolyne Mas
Guitar-toting & bad timing 

music note Martha and the Muffin
Echoes of "Echo Beach"

music note Master Musicians of Jajouka
The end of the 4000-year rock band?

music note Matmos
Found sound & electronics

music note Albert Maysles
Stones documentarian

music note Michael Patrick MacDonald

music note Skip McDonald
Rap 'n' blues 'n' dub

music note Kate McGarrigle
Sister Kate 70's interview

music note Anna McGarrigle
70's interview- folkie legend

music note Dave McLean
'90's rock promotion antics

music note James McMurty
Hard times explained by gritty songwriter

music note Meat Puppets
Derrick Bostrom details the indie legends

music note The Mekons
Those fun-lovin' anarchists

music noteMelt Banana
Toyko's Wild Bunch

music note Richard Meltzer
Rock scribe retires?

music note Richard Meltzer
Little Richard and the Greek philosophers

music note Melvins
Sludge kings

music note Merzbow
The art of noise

music note Anne Midgette
Classical writing and #MeToo

music note Anne Midgette
Classy classical writings

music note Mighty Lemon Drops
UK psych post-punk

music note Kenny Millions
Loft jazz lives

music note Mission of Burma
Post-punk legends

music note Kenny Millions
Loft jazz lives

music note Isaiah Mitchell
Raucous, unabashed psych

music note Moby
Techno, punk and some opinions

music note Momus
Electro-pop prankster

music note Roy Montgomery
Have guitar, will travel

music note Robert Moog
His world of synthesizers

music note Moondog
Swingin' counterpoint

music note Mooney Suzuki

music note Moonjune Records
Modern prog-rock haven

music note Moonjune Records
More tales of prog rock greatness

music note Anthony Moore
Solo and Slapp Happy

music note Anthony Moore
Henry Cow years and tape experiments

music note Anthony Moore
Flying and producing

music note Anthony Moore
Major label-dom and Pink Floyd encounters

music note Anthony Moore
Slappy Happy reunion and more Pink Floyd adventures

music note R. Stevie Moore
Do-It-Yourself till you bleed

music note Mud Morganfield
Muddy's #1 Son Who's Also A Blues Original

music note Ikue Mori
Funky drummer machine

music note Morphine
Dana Colley interview & RIP Billy Conway

music note Morphogenesis
New dimensions in experimental music

music note Chuck Mosley
Faith No More singer's bio

music note Mudcrutch
Tom Petty's original band

music note Mudhoney
Seattle brewed talk with Mark Arm

music note Mugstar
UK Psych/Space Rock

music note My Bloody Valentine
Loveless era interview

music note My Dad Is Dead
Mark Edwards reflects

music note Toshimaru Nakamura
Sound student of the mixing board

music note Negativland
True or false questionnaire

music note Colin Newman
Beyond Wire...

music note Colin Newman
Wire's change becomes...?

music note Phill Niblock
Soundscapist, label and festival head

music note Nive Nielsen
Greenland folkie

music note Nine Inch Nails
Charlie Clouser nails it

music note Tiki Obmar
Glitch-rock upstarts

music note Okapi Sun
Electro-pop duo

music note Babatunde Olatunji
Talks about love and drums

music noteOld 97's
Anti-quirk, anti-grunge? 

music note Andrew Loog Oldham
Stones manager speaks

music note Olly the Octopus
UK folkie protest

music note The Only Ones
John Perry's perspective

music note Orange Cake Mix
One man atmospheric pop

music note The Orb
The masters of techno chill-out

music note Oresund Space Collective
Improv Astral Rock

music note Robert Ellis Orrall
Extensive talk with songwriter

music note Jim O'Rourke
(He's) been there and done that

music note David Pajo
Papa M speaks 

music note Charlemagne Palestine
Visceral music trance 

music note Palinckx
Neo-dub swing situations

music note Panda Bear
Animal Collective and solo

music note Graham Parker
Pub rock legend

music note Ewing Parton
Static Cult head

music note Pas Musique
Their Unique (Non) Music

music note Stephen Pastel
Geographic tales

music note Annette Peacock
Singer/composer interrogated

music note Pell Mell
Indie instrumentals

music note Penn & Oldham
Two soul songwritin' greats

music note Al Perkins
Steel guitar session legend

music note Pere Ubu
David Thomas on high/low-brow

music note Gary Peters
Improvisation author

music note
Their collaboration with Liza Minnelli

music note Pezband
Midwest power pop still sizzles

music note Pink Stainless Tail
Aussie psych-punk madness

music note Grant-Lee Phillips
Tom Boys, Shiva Burlesque, Grant Lee Buffalo years

music note Pat Place
Contortions/Bush Tetras

music note Pink Reason
Drone collages disguised as songs

music notePlank!
Kick-Ass Space Rock Exists!

music note Plastikman
Vinyl/MP3 interface/head shaves

music note Plastic People of the Universe
Czech heroes- Farewell to Milan

music note Plastic People of the Universe
Post-Milan interview

music note Uta Plotkin
Ex Witch Mountain singer

music note Robert Pollard
Solo years, Part II

music note Genesis P-Orridge
Throbbing and psychic

music note Popol Vuh
Florian's widow speaks

music note Morgan Powell

music note Prag Vec
Post-punk interview

music note Prag Vec, Part 2
Most post-punk antics

music note Pram
Mysterious UK post-rock combo

music note Presidents of the United States of America
Their goofy fun analyzed

music note Pretty Things
Who needs Tommy and the Stones? 

music note Pretty Things
Wally Waller on sorrow and parachutes 

music note Punishment of Luxury
Gyrate & Brit Art-Punks Return

music note Pylon
Gyrate & Chomp to their Chain of Hits

music noteQuadrophenia
Ron Nevison explains how Townshend birthed it

music note Question Mark
Garage rock madness

music note Robert Quine
'Side man' extraordinaire

music note Raging Slab
Hard rock woes

music note The Raincoats
Gina Birch suits up

music note Ramones
Tommy and Marky speak

music note Billy Rath
Heartbreaker remembered

music note Allen Ravenstine
Pere Ubu synth-man speaks

music note Dennis Rae
Experimental guitar

music note Richie Ramone
Punk Legacy

music note Razorcake
Indie mag 20 years and counting

music note C. Reider
Composer & Open Source Electronics 

music note The Replacements
Slim Dunlap speaks 

music note Replikas
Istanbul's Beyoglu beat 

music note Rerun Records
Indie, reissue haven 

music note The Residents
Cryptic religion 

music note Revenant Records
John Fahey's legacy 

music note Kimberley Rew
Soft Boy still walking on sunshine? 

music note Reynols
Their last stand?

music note Terry Riley
The minimalist master

music note Hans-Joachim Rodelius
Half of a Cluster

music note John Storm Roberts
The daddy of 'world music'

music note Terre Roche
Interview with folk legend

music note Rockette Morton
Beefheart basssist and beyond

music note Wayne Rogers
Acid king of New England

music note Dexter Romweber
Beyond the Flat Duo Jets

music note Lia Rose
Folkie Activism

music note Micahel Rother
See what's Neu!

music note Jeri Cain Rossi
Author & art-punk

music note Rough Trade/Trade 2
Geoff Travis's legacy

music note Royal Trux
Glimmer Twin Infinitives

music note Royal Trux
The Return of... Neil speaks

music note RTX
Royal Trux lives

music note The Rumour
Pub rock history- Martin Belmont & Brinsley Schwarz

music note Todd Rundgren
Studio wiz and torch songs

music note Douglas Rushkoff
The art of teen marketing

music noteBruce Russell
Dead C journey

music note George Russell
Modal Jazz Theory

music noteThe Ruts
Punk gone dub

music noteFrederic Rzewski
Political overtones

music noteSaccharine Trust
In Joe Baiza we trust

music note Faron Sage
Anonymous singer-songwriter revealed

music noteBridget St. John
English folk rose

music note Kim Salmon
Scientist at work

music note Kevin Saunderson
Techno pioneer interview

music note Sebadoh
The lo-fi world according to Lou Barlow

music note Seefeel
Mark Clifford's indie techno-rock

music note Seksu Roba
Intergalactic lounging

music note Klaus Schulze
Electronics pioneer gets sequenced

music note Paul Schutze
The tyranny of text

music note The Scene Is Now
Vintage NYC underground 

music note Knoel Scott
Sun Ra saxman

music note Robert Scott
The Clean/The Bats and all things NZ

music note Screaming Trees
Van Conner- the late grunge pioneer

music note Stephen Scott
Bowed piano minimalism

music note The Seymores
Obscure Virginia alt-rock

music note Elliott Sharp
The hardcore junior scientist

music note Shellac
A civilized chat with Steve Albini

music note Matthew Shipp
Piano prestidigitation

music note Matthew Shipp
Polymath pianist defies genres

music note Shonen Knife
The happy punk women of Osaka

music note Wally Shoup
Improv sax & philosophy

music note Jane Siberry
Interview with the Pluralist

music note Irwin Silber
Sing Out founder speaks out

music note Silver Apples
Simeon Talks with You an I

music note Skin Graft
Noise-rock & comix

music note Slovenly
SST's oddest art-punks?

music note David Slusser
Soundtracks, TV and more

music note Christopher Small
Christgau meets the Ethnomusicologist

music note Smash Mouth
Rise and fall of 90's/00's alt-rock

music note Chris Smith
Indie lo-fi noir

music note LaDonna Smith
In pursuit of improv

music note Patti Smith
Talks about her bio-pic

music note Soul Asylum
Twin Cities indie, pre-grunge

music note George Soule
(Very) funky drummer

music note Donita Sparks
Return of an L7

music note Jon Spencer
Heavy trash talk

music note Spring Heel Jack
Through the Jungle of Bass N' Drums

music note Spiritualized
Spaceman vision

music note Peter Stampfel
Our favorite folkie

music note The Stanleys
Aussie power pop

music note Stiff Little Fingers
Inflammable Irish punks

music note Stiff Little Fingers
Belfast punk style

music note Karlheinz Stockhausen
Modern classical master

music note Joe Strummer
Bye to the Clash city rocker

music note Subway Sect
London would-be punk legends

music note The Sugarcubes
Einar's case for nonchalant boldness

music note Suicide Machines
Motor City punk

music note Supergrass
Emily XYZ grills the Brit sensations

music noteSwamp Dogg
Jerry Williams destroys your mind

music noteThe Sweet
Founder Frank Torpey

music note Swimming Pool Q's
Early Athens new wave

music note Howard Tate
Lost golden voice of soul returns

music note Cecil Taylor
Need we say more?

music note Deniz Tek
Transmissions from a Radio Birdman

music note Terre Thaemlitz
Cyncerly Yours

music note that dog.
'90's indie insiders

music note Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
A talk with the shop stewards

music note Third Ear Band
'60's Greatest Medieval/Mystic Band?

music note This Picture
90's UK Alternative Music

music note BJ Thomas
Gentleman '70's popstar

music note Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments
Ron House's beery wisdom

music note Linda Thompson
British folk's songbird

music note Mayo Thompson
Surrealist soloist and Krayola years

music note Richard Thompson
Folk-rock guitarist/songwriter legend

music note Throwing Muses
Kristin Hersh copes with indie fame

music note Mary Timony
Her post-Helium life

music note Tin Star/XC-NN
Left field dance

music note Giancarlo Toniutti
The art of sound art

music note David Toop
Ambient chronicler and pioneer

music note David Toop
Experiments, writings, compilations

music note Totally Radd!!
The outrageous tale of L.A. retro upstarts

music note Toxic Toast
Punk and rap and soundtracks and more

music note Dave Travis
Punk film-maker

music note Translator
Guitar slingers in synth-pop land

music note Maureen Tucker
No more playin' possom for the Velvets legend 

music note Ike Turner
The Irredeemable R&B Legend

music note Dallas Turner
King of the border pitchmen 

music note Shane Tutmarc
Garage Meets Roots Music

music note UK Subs
Brit punk- Charlie Harper speaks

music note David Van Tiegham
His brilliant career

music note James 'Blood' Ulmer
Tales of Captain Black

music note Upper Crust
Aristocratic hard rock

music note Justin Utley
An out musician's odyssey

music note u-Ziq
The great hope of techno?

music note Uz Jsme Doma
What's Czech for 'name that music'?

music note Uz Jsme Doma
Their history's strange as their music

music note Van Der Graaf Generator
Reunion interview

music note Van Der Graaf Generator
Their inelegant, heavy return

music note Ken Vandermark
Free jazz, sleep tips

music note Jozef Van Wissem
Modern lute man

music note Veloicty Girl
Sub Pop goes indie pop

music note Caetano Veloso
Tropicalia tales

music note Velvet Underground
Their debut engineer speaks

music note Sonny Vincent
Return of the punk

music note Larry Wallis
The King Of Oblivion Slings Mud

music note Loudon Wainwright III
Triple L bears his soul

music note Anne Waldman

music note David S. Ware
The Crystalline Idea

music note Wasted Years
Of Miracle Soap, Dairy Gangsters and podcasts

music note Mike Watt
The mersh master

music note Weasal Walter
Gadfly & trouble-maker

music note Bobby Watson
Saxman & Jazz Legend

music note Ken Weaver
The Fugs had a drummer?

music noteWFMU-FM, New Jersey
Free form radio lives

music note White Hills
'Fuzzed Out Motorik Spacerock'

music note Daniel Wilkerson
Texas power pop- interview

music noteWild Magnolias
Pow-wow with the big chief

music noteAndre Williams
Return of the Black Godfather

music note Robert Williams
Beat of a Beefheart drummer

music noteRobin Williamson
Incredible String Man

music notePhillip Wilson
Drums at Woodstock, AACM

music note Wire
Massive talk w/ Graham and Colin

music noteWishbone Ash
Brit Prog/Hard Rock

music noteChristian Wolff
'The New York School' lives!

music note Wooden Wand
Indie/freak folk

music noteAndrew Woods
Cascading loops & harmonies

music note Robert Wyatt
Noam Chomsky meets the Monkees

music note Ya Ho Wa 13
The children of Father Yod speak

music note Yan Jun
Chinese experimental pioneer

music note Yo La Tengo
They got it

music note Otomo Yoshihide
The aftermath of Ground Zero

music note Doug Yule
The forgotten Velvet

music note Thalia Zedek
Come, Via, Live Skull & more

music note The Zombies
Rod Argent, keyboard hero? & more

music note The Zombies
Colin Blunstone solo & with the undead

music note ZO2
Kiss tours & kid's parties


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